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Why Do Women Need to Drink Milk During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a volatile period in women’s health. The abundance of hormones, plus the other physical changes due to the developing fetus in the womb can make the body quite difficult to understand for a lot of women. It is worth mentioning as well that women who are not very particular with their health run the risk of developing complications.

So, if you are on the family way and you have every intention of being as fit and strong as you can possibly be throughout your pregnancy, it is imperative to be deliberate with smart health practices. One of these practices is drinking milk.

Consuming milk is considered a must for pregnant women because milk is a trusty source of essential nutrients. On top of that, there are milk products formulated specifically to address the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

To fully understand the importance of drinking milk among pregnant women, discussed below are the changes that occur during pregnancy and how milk impacts these changes.

1. Bone loss is one of the side effects of pregnancy

All women are at risk of developing osteoporosis later in life, and those who have gotten pregnant are at a higher risk because bone loss is one of the side effects of pregnancy.

This is irreversible if you are not careful. But, you can prevent early onset of osteoporosis as well as significant bone loss while you are pregnant if you drink milk.

Milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin D (which helps the body absorb calcium), so consume it every day and you will be sure to harness all of its bone-strengthening benefits.

2. Extreme mood swings due to pregnancy hormones

This is a widely known fact. Pregnancy hormones can cause emotional fits and unnecessary stress.

Drinking warm milk can actually help, especially if you do so before bedtime. The protein lactium in milk can help relax the body and regulate blood pressure. Meanwhile, the potassium in milk can ease muscle tension and induce sleep.

When pregnant women get enough sleep, mood swings due to hormones can become less frequent.

3. Digesting food can be a problem and food aversion is quite likely

Pregnant women can experience low appetite, heartburn, constipation, and other digestion issues. Changes in the diet may be required especially when the body “rejects” certain foods.

When women find it difficult to digest food and develop an aversion to particular food items, milk can help in ensuring that the changing body is getting most of the nutrients it needs.

4. Fetal life support

As your child grows inside of you, your body needs to become stronger.

For strength during pregnancy, the different kinds of proteins in milk contribute a great deal. They can:

  • Strengthen the uterus
  • Improve blood supply through the body
  • Support the development of breast and baby tissues

Therefore, for a healthy mummy and baby, it is vital to drink milk (preferably low-fat) regularly.

5. The baby’s physical and mental development after birth

Every pregnant mother thinks about the health condition of her child and wants to make sure that the little one will be free from illness and will develop well through the years. Clinical studies reveal that one of the reliable ways to support a child’s physical and mental development is by drinking milk during pregnancy.

In several medical studies, it was determined that pregnant women who regularly drank milk ended up with healthy and big babies. These babies did not only come out bigger and healthier, but they also showed an advantage in most aspects of child development. They displayed a stronger immune system and performed better at cognitive exercises. They grew taller as well.

Not only that, in other studies, doctors learned that there is a lower risk of multiple sclerosis cases among women born to mothers who drank a lot of milk while pregnant. Plus, children whose mums consumed 150 milliliters of milk a day during pregnancy are also at less risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Needless to say, children just have the best advantage in life this way, especially if you complement the effort of drinking milk regularly while pregnant with good eating habits for your little one during the developmental years.

All the benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy should be enough to convince you to consume at least 150 milliliters of milk every day. It will boost your personal health throughout your pregnancy and ensure the good health of your little one as well.











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