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What Are The Complications of Depression?

Clinically, depression is referred to as a mood disorder wherein a person typically suffers or ‘stuck’ in a very low mood such as grief or sadness. Depression can actually come in many forms, but generally people having such kind of condition can feel anxious, helpless, empty, hopeless, irritable, worthless, restless or ashamed.

They may also lose their interest on their daily activity and worse can affect their total well-being. Those people suffering from such kind of mood condition have their own way of confronting it, however, there are some people who just ignore this problem. In return, the risk of serious complications can greatly develop. Like any disorders, untreated depression can cause threats and hazards to their overall being.

Untreated depression might also lead to major depressive disorder which can adversely affect individual’s work, family, school and other facets of a person’s life. Depression can be experienced by any individuals be it an adult, teen or children. According to one of the finest Counsellor in Castle Hill, patients of any gender regardless of age suffer from depression where 8 out of ten is proven to have such kind of mood condition.

If not treated immediately, patients might end up acquiring so many complications and some of these are as follows:

  • Alcohol/substance abuse

Most people suffering from depression indulge themselves to alcoholic or illegal drug abuse just to ease their anguish or emotional pain. Depressed individuals also have a higher rate of excessive cigarette smoking. Therefore, they are exposed to different health complications including heart, lungs, liver and other life-threatening diseases.

  • Sleeping Fatigue

Depression is typically accompanied by constant headaches and sleeping problems. Most sufferers who’s not getting sufficient sleep can feel constant pain or tiredness thus adding up to their negative emotions. Lack of sleep can also lead to insomnia. Aside from tiredness, insufficient sleep can also weaken the immune system. During deep sleep, the body’s immune system undergoes on a repair process. By not having a good rest or slumber, immune system becomes weak therefore exposing the body to different or more susceptible diseases.

  • Obesity or weight loss

Overeating or appetite loss is just one of the most common problem of depressed person. Overeating can often cause obesity therefore greatly leading to a more severe complication such as diabetes or heart problems. While lack of appetite on the other hand can lead to nutritional deficiencies thus weakening the body and exposing it to some serious illnesses.

  • Psychological problemblow

Clinical depression can cause disturbances in terms of thinking and perception. In fact, individuals having a severe depression experiences hallucinations or delusions (hearing voices or false-fixed belief). Moreover, depression can also affect mind’s retention to details and concentration, in return leading to memory gap or other mental issues.

  • Suicidality

Without treatment, some depressed individuals feel so helpless or becoming more pessimistic about everything round him/her. Subsequently, thoughts about committing suicide occur. They sometimes feel that it is much if their dead than continue living their life. As depression worsen, thoughts about suicidal behavior or thoughts gradually ensue.

In conclusion, clinical depression can lead to a more fatal consequences or ailments. Ignoring this can be quite risky. Early recognition or treatment is the only way to prevent these unwanted complications.

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