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What Are the Benefits of Kickboxing?

While everyone is scrambling to find the next great workout trend, maybe you could take a smarter approach and just participate in a sport—or its training—that has been proven to provide many great health benefits.  Enroll in Academie Frontenac kickboxing Montreal, for example, and you might find many of the best health benefits that so many other trendy workout sessions provide, and perhaps a few benefits those others don’t.


Any type of fighting training is going to build strength in your muscles. After all, the purpose of fighting is to inflict damage. As a sport, of course, boxing (and kickboxing) is not about hurting your competitor, but using your strength to knock them down until they cannot participate anymore; and at the end of the day the hope is that everyone goes home safely.  But one of the great benefits of kickboxing training is strength building.


Fighting is a sport that involves constant movement.  You are moving your whole body from start to finish. That means you need to not only have energy, but sustained energy to outlast your opponent. Of course, this stamina could benefit anyone who wants to have more energy throughout and not feel so tired before the day is over.Image result for What Are the Benefits of Kickboxing?


While you are building your stamina—through aerobic exercise, of course—you will also melt away excess fat.  Unlike most aerobic exercise, though, you will build muscle mass while burning fat, simultaneously, which means you replace the flabby, softer shape with a more firm, rugged or toned shape.

Speaking of tone, this is another great benefit of kickboxing.  As you work your arms and legs—supported by the core—you will lengthen and strengthen your muscles. And as you shed the extra fat, you will start to see more muscle definition. Fighters do need to be strong, but you don’t need bulky muscles to succeed at it—which means you won’t need to do any additional weight training unless you really want some power in your punches.


One benefit to kickboxing you might not have realized is stress relief.  Everyone needs a healthy release of stress. From work to family to personal life, stress is everywhere.  And everyone has a different way of dealing with it; unfortunately, not all of these stress relief methods are healthy.  Kickboxing, though, is a very healthy way to deal with stress.  You can take out your aggression with actual punches and kicks—whether it’s a bag or a human competitor—but without the violent association.

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