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4 Effective Weight Loss Surgeries for Reducing Excess Weight

More than 30% of American adults suffer from obesity. That is a significantly higher percentage than the global average. What makes this condition unique is that in most cases, despite changes to food and lifestyle, it is almost impossible to reverse the condition. If you are obese you will have to continue living like that and with all the additional health risks that come with morbid obesity. Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery has however been a proven and safe treatment for obesity and more and people are choosing it to get back to normal life.

There are different types of weight loss surgery procedures. Here is a list of the 5 most common and effective ones and what they involve.

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries


1. Intragastric Balloon

This procedure involves insertion of a silicon balloon into the stomach and inflating it to leave lesser room for food. It is technically not a surgical procedure but is endoscopic. The balloon is kept in the stomach for a few months only. You will start feeling fuller without eating lots of food. Studies show that it helps in improving other obesity related conditions and reduces excess weight by up to 30% within 6 months.

2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery involves reducing the stomach size so that you will feel fuller quickly. You will start eating smaller portion sizes without having to sacrifice on your favorite foods. Modern laparoscopic procedure makes this weight loss surgery less invasive.

3. Gastric Bypass Surgery


This type of weight loss surgery will change the way food is handled by the stomach and small intestine. It will also involve reducing the stomach size, making you feel fuller without eating as much food. It is different from gastric sleeve surgery because it prevents food from reaching certain areas of small intestine and stomach where it gets absorbed. You can find more information about all this surgery at

4. Duodenal Switch Surgery

The duodenal switch surgery is even more advanced. It involves not only reducing your stomach size, but it also reroutes the intestines. Even the gallbladder is removed. You will start feeling less hungry and absorb fewer calories. People who undergo this weight loss surgery lose most of the excess weight within 12 months and prevent reversal in future.

So if you are suffering from morbid obesity, it is recommended to approach an experienced and certified surgeon specialized in bariatric surgery to choose the right procedure before it’s too late.

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