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Unique Ways of Ingesting CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is one of the most popular products from marijuana. People have started seeing the value of this oil because of its impact on those who are suffering from chronic pain. There are many ways to use the oil. People usually ingest or smoke it to hasten the effect on the body. It is also available in tablet form, but the impact could be a bit slow.

If you don’t feel like it is fancy enough, there are other ways to enjoy the use of CBD oil.

  • You can enjoy a movie night with CBD oil by using CBD popcorn butter. You can add a few drops in your melted butter, and you will take your popcorn to a whole new level. There might be no difference in the taste, but if you are suffering from an illness, it could help you enjoy the oil differently.
  • Salad drizzle. You can use CBD oil like how you use olive oil for your salads. Since marijuana is a herb, you won’t find it weird to have a different type of oil on your salad. You can now enjoy your healthy meal with a kick.
  • It is also possible for you to add a few drops of oil in your morning coffee. You will surely wake up with the kick from both the caffeine and cannabinoid. You need only a tiny drop through to avoid overdosing since caffeine is already harsh.
  • Pesto pasta. You can have a homemade pesto pasta with a CBD oil kick. You can use the oil similar to how you use olive oil. You might like this version of your pasta.
  • Fruit smoothies. Even for sweet beverages, you will still enjoy a drop of CBD oil. The best fruits to mix the oil with are apples. For vegetable smoothies, you can have ginger, kale or carrots. With its herbal taste, your beverage will be like no other.
  • Chocolate truffles. Add CBD oil to your regular truffle recipe, and you can enjoy this dessert differently. Using CBD oil does not alter anything in your recipe and does not require longer cooking time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about using it.

Enjoy the benefits


As someone with chronic pain, you might get tired using CBD oil each day, or every time you suffer from chronic pain. You don’t have to ingest the oil directly if you can combine it with other dishes or beverages that you want to eat. You will still receive the full benefits. The results might not kick in right away, but you will enjoy your meal like you used to.

You can order CBD oil online at if you can’t find it in local stores, or if you feel afraid that people will judge you for buying it. You don’t deserve to suffer from pain, and if you regularly have CBD oil in your diet, you will feel relief. Keep doing what you feel is best for you.


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