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Understand Clenbuterol Thermogenic and Anabolic Properties – Why Stack It?

Competitive Bodybuilders use Clenbuterol or Clen to burn fat and maintain their mass gain. Novice users are always concerned about how to use it with their losing fat diet. Actually, at the gym they heard their senior colleagues say, ‘Take few Clen and get ripped’.

It sounds so simple but they also need to understand its working, how to use, and side effects. You can even visit to gain more knowledge about the different stacking techniques bodybuilders apply to synergize the effect.

Clenbuterol – Overview

Clen activates beta-2 androgenic receptors. On stimulation beta-2 androgenic receptors triggers bronchodilation and relaxes the bronchi muscles smoothly. Therefore Clen is also used medically in asthma treatment.

Arteries get dilated and blood stream transports plenty of oxygen to the skeletal muscles. Due to enhanced metabolism fats within adipose tissue gets broken down. Trigylcerides get transformed into fatty acids, so Clen cycle is an efficient cutting product for bodybuilders.

Clen gets well absorbed in the blood and remains there for 25 hours to 39 hours. As the half life is long, the chances that side effects will last longer increases.

How Clen’s properties benefit bodybuilders?

Thermogenic and stimulant properties

Thermogenic effect helps to increase body temperature, so acts quickly. Bodybuilders stack Clen with Anavar, Winstrol, and Equipoise, during practice for competitions.

Thermogenic properties help burn more calories. More fatty acids get released from adipose tissues. Lipolysis process gets stimulated, which burns extra fat and produce energy. Energy levels enhances due to bronchodilation. In addition, appetite gets controlled, increases focus and balances nitrogen levels.

As your body gets used to Clen in short time period, it becomes crucial to apply stack cycle to gain better results.

Clen is also recommended to be taken for short time period like 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, users stack it with other steroids like Ketotifen for receptors to work consistently and maintain homeostasis.

Anabolic properties

Beta 2 receptors stimulate with Clen and activate anabolic pathways enclosed in skeletal muscles, which results in anabolic effects along with weight loss. However, this effect can be attained with excessive dosage amount and is not safe for humans.

Dosages generally used daily by bodybuilders to burn calories are 60 to 120 mcg. According to studies in rats, Clens anabolic effect was experienced with 400 mcg, which is harmful for humans, especially when they are using it unmonitored.

Clen is not approved officially for human treatment in the US but FDA has approved it to be used for racing horses with breathing issues. In many countries like Mexico and China Clen is used to enhance their meat quality.


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