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Types And Advantages Of Breast Surgery Procedures


Types And Advantages Of Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast surgery procedures include augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction. Breast augmentation is done to enhance the size, appearance, and contour of a woman’s breasts. Women choose this option for various reasons. Some want development after pregnancy when the size of the breasts change; while others prefer this option to correct an equal balance in the size of their breasts.

The breast augmentation consists of a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel or a saline solution. This breast procedure is relatively simple; however, as with any surgery, there is a risk and some uncertainty.

Breast reduction is reducing the size of the breasts. Too much weight from the breasts can cause back and neck pain, bra strap irritation, or skin irritation. This surgery removes excess fat and skin tissue. Keep in mind; this surgery can cause extensive scarring. Side effects that may occur are pain and lumpiness from scar tissue.

Breast reconstruction is a surgery that is done to recreate a breast; focusing on contour, volume, and appearance. If an implant is selected, the implant is created and sized to match the other breast. Breast lifts are done to more efficiently support the weight of the chest and lift the breasts to a higher and more attractive appearance.

Several tips will help prepare you for breast surgery, such as arranging for someone to drive you to and from your procedure. Also, ask a relative or friend to stay with you for a day after the operation.

Create a place for anything you will need for the next couple of days in a convenient location; one where you can easily reach them when needed and stock up on easy to prepare meals. Enjoy a healthy diet and stop drinking alcohol a few days before the procedure.

Also, reduce or stop smoking several days before the surgery and do not vigorously exercise the day before the procedure. Talk with your doctor about post-operative brassieres for breast surgery. Also, discuss with your surgeon any medicine you have been taking, which also includes non-prescription medicine.

Before surgery, follow fasting instructions. You may also want to take a shower or bath the night before surgery because it may be difficult or unwise to bathe a few days after surgery.

Most importantly, after breast surgery, your breasts will be swollen, sore, and very sensitive. Also, your chest may feel a bit tight; however, you will be given medication for the pain, if you need them. Resting after the procedure is essential. Rest somewhere in a semi-upright position and take your time with the recovery.

Things to avoid after breast surgery are keeping your breast dry for a week, not sleeping on your stomach for a month, no physical exercise for a month, no heavy lifting for a month, and no driving for one week.

Benefits of breast surgery can make a woman happy, lessen, or get rid of depression, improve a person’s self-esteem, and improve how a woman views how they look and feel about their appearance. Other benefits are eliminating undesirable blemishes, restoring a more youthful appearance, being able to fit into favorite clothes, and making a woman feel more ambitious.

To conclude, breast surgery procedures include augmentation, reduction reconstruction, and breast cancer surgery. Make an appointment and talk to your doctor about this surgery and ask for a recommendation.

Then, speak with a cosmetic breast surgeon and find out if this kind of operation would work for you. Review his qualifications and see how you feel as you talk to him about breast surgery. With the benefits of breast surgery, it makes sense to check it out.

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