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Two Common Signs of [Healthy] Aging Hair

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We may not want it to be so sometimes, but hair loss is just a natural part of life.  Knowing that it should be easier to embrace it but it can still be pretty shocking—and even upsetting—when we first encounter it.  Some men will figure out how to make it work and others just shave the rest off; that is probably easier to maintain too.

But hair loss is just one of many Capilia signs our hair provides as part of aging.  And these signs are certainly not warnings that something is wrong, they are just there to mark progress. However, it can be important to monitor them and ask your doctor questions, accordingly.Image result for Two Common Signs of [Healthy] Aging Hair


Graying hair is easily among the most common signs of aging in men, though it is a trait, of course, men and women both experience this.  If you see a gray hair it is rarely a sign of a problem, just a sign of aging. However, if they become more frequent you will have to see if the salt-and-pepper looks for you, or if you want to color, cut, style your hair differently.

It is, however, important to remember that while genetics determines hair color and DNA damage from pollution and other toxins can alter these time markers.  This can include smog, pollution, carbon monoxide, but it can also be influenced by drugs and alcohol as well chemical hair and shampoo treatments.  


Another common sign of aging—more among men, of course—the human body sheds 100 hairs daily. Some of these will be from your head.  We generally don’t notice this, though, because throughout most of our lives we grow hair back just as quickly.  A single strand of human, hair, though, can take seven years to fully grow before it “dies” and is shed.

It is crucial to note that chemicals can also influence the rate of thinning hair.  These chemicals can be introduced to the body in the form of pharmaceutical drugs or illicit drugs. They can be introduced to the body through environmental exposure; and they can be introduced to the body through chemicals we use in our daily lives.

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