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Tricks to Get the High Purity of IGF-1 on Sale

Any growth hormone is important for the body as it leads to increase in the body growth. It has been synthesized in children during their developing years. In adolescence, these hormones become anabolic and are required for the development of muscles. It is due to this reason that hormones like Human growth hormone (HGH) and Insulin Growth Hormone-1 (IGF-1) have been used by people of the sporting fraternity like athletes and bodybuilders to get their ideal physique.   If you are considering usingthem,then manyquestions that arise in your mind needs to be answered. What is IGF-1? Where to obtain the hormone?  How can it be purchased?

Insulin Growth Factor-1

IGF-1 is a growth hormone that is naturally synthesized in the body. It has asimilar structure to insulin and is also known as Somatomedin C. The hormone is a small peptide of 70 amino acid containing three intramolecular disulphide bonds.Itis stimulated by the growth hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland in the body. IGF-1 levels are significant in the body during childhood and adolescence butdecreasewith old age. It is clinically significant as it controls the growth and regeneration of the body cells.This hormone is often used by bodybuilders along with another hormone like HGH tolead to increase in the muscles growth of your body effectively.  The hormone increases the level of glycogen metabolism in the body due to its anabolic properties. It is due to this reason that alternatives to IGF-1 for sale are quite popular among different groups of people.

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IGF-1, hormone the solution to your problem

In many cases, IGF-1 is used in the treatment of dwarfism in children. On supplementing this hormone in the growing years leads to an increase in the height of children which takes care of the deficiency in the body.  Many people use this hormone for the treatment of osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis and kidney diseases. It can be favourably used by both males as well as female subjects.

IGF-1 is used to increase the muscle and cartilage growth in the body. It plays asignificant role in it as the hormone splices to produce active substances that stimulate the growth of muscles by activating the nucleus of the surrounding cells. This happens during anintense workout session leading to an increase in the muscle cells.

Availability of the hormone

The purchase of IGF-1 is important due to its function of promoting the muscular growth in the body. There are manyalternatives to IGF-1 for sale present in the market, which contains a small percentage of this hormone. These are easier to obtain and does not require a prescription. It can be easily obtained in over the counter sports stores as nutritional supplements. On the other hand, injectable form of IGF-1 can be obtained from stores only under a doctor’s prescription. In males and females, it is mainly used in a range of 20-120mcg according to the prescription.  This hormone is popular as it supports healing of the body faster after an injury. It is important to couple it with a healthy exercise regime and change in diet, to reap the ideal results ofits use.

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