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Tips to Prevent Lower Limb Injuries

The health benefits of sport, exercise and Perth physiotherapy is undeniable but staying injury-free is the ‘holy grail’ of both active people and sports medicine professionals alike. No active player or sportaholic likes spending time on the sideline. Do you? Absolutely not!

When it comes to sports, lower limb injury is very common and accounts about 15 to 30% of all sports injuries. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to prevent lower body injury related to work or sport. But, getting a deep knowledge on this subject helps you to reduce the risk of getting injured. Without proper physical preparation, you will expose yourself to injury.

Did you know a high percentage of injuries particularly in social sports groups and work-related activity could perceivably be prevented by better preparation prior to the chosen activity? Talk to your physio in Perth before practicing or following any physical practices.

A good physical preparation can be broken down into two major parts,

  • Strength, plyometric and balance
  • General aerobic fitness / running conditioning

Our muscular system plays a vital role in dynamically controlling how our body moves. Our body is increasingly forced to use passive tissue structures without this system, and external forces can cause damage to these tissues through trauma or progressive overload over a period of time.

Having sufficient strength and dynamic balance helps you to optimise your movements during the sports and reduces the risks of getting injured. Resistance training improves athletic performance and contributes to joint stability whereas balance and plyometric activity coordinate movement in a safe and effective manner. According to recent reports, “many movements such as running and jumping are pre-planned activities within the brain and poor movement habits are associated with increased injury risk.

Another important aspect of injury prevention is the ability to participate in a given activity without excessive fatigue. Fatigue is associated with extreme lower limb biomechanics such as a more extended hip and knee posture, increased hip rotations and increased movements and loads at the knee joint.

So, keep in mind, the worse your condition is, you keep moving in a ‘lazy’ fashion trying to conserve energy but resulting in increased risk of injury.

The Solution

A simple solution to lower your risk of getting injured is preparing yourself for the activity you aim to participate in.

Visit now to talk to an expert in physiotherapy in Perth and get more tips on reducing injuries during any sport.


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