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Drug testing has become extremely important because of the increasing number of drug abuse cases. Not only the employees of the workplace should be forced to take drug tests but the students at schools, and teens at home should be directed to give drug tests on a scheduled time in order to make sure that they are safe from this hazardous disease.

For the testing purposes, multi-panel drug test kits are most commonly used. Employers in the workplace prefer multi-panel drug test kits over single panel drug test kits because of a number of reasons. Multi-panel drug test kits are available in multi-panel drug test strips or cups for and the most popular being the 12 panel drug test cup, which can be purchased through this link.Image result for THE PROS & CONS OF MULTI-PANEL DRUG TESTING KITS

The Pros & Cons of Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits:

Multi-panel drug test kits have a long list of pros but there are also a few cons of it as well. Let us consider both the pros and cons of using multi-panel drug testing kits:

  • The Pros: Detect Multiple Drugs:

The biggest plus point of multi-panel drug test kits is that it can detect a number of different drugs at a time by the use of a single sample. This saves you form the hassle of using multiple strips for testing different drugs and taking multiple samples of the same person over and over again.

  • The Pros: Convenient & Efficient:

The use of multi-panel drug testing kits is convenient and you can get the results efficiently. You are provided with the cups for samples that come with a closing lid for ease of handling and a result card is attached on the cup for quick and easy results. Moreover, detecting multiple drugs at the same time with a single sample makes the task efficient.

  • The Pros: Offers Advanced Features:

Multi-panel drug test kits also offer some of the advanced testing options to the employers. Some advanced features include temperature check, adulteration check, split key cup, etc.

  • The Con: Expensive:

Multi-panel drug test kits are comparatively more expensive than the single panel drug test kits. But the cost overcomes the fact that multiple drugs can be detected at a time which saves you cost in the long run.

Thus, multi-panel drug test kits is the best option to be used in workplaces where hundreds of employees have to tested for drug abuse.

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