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The Original Pillow with a Hole.

What is The Pillow with a Hole?

The pillow with a hole is a medical pillow designed and made by hand in the North of England. It is designed to treat ear pressure sores, CNH (Chondrodermatitisnodularischronicahelicis) and ear pain. It is made from high quality locally sourced cotton and filled with hypoallergenic hollow-fibre stuffing. This means that it is suitable for those with allergies.3

Why the Pillow with a Hole?

Having sold many thousands of pillows to people all over the world, the Original Pillow with a Hole has had remarkable success. It has been successful in completely curing long-term intractable problems such as pressure sores within just a few weeks of use. For customer testimonials please look here:

How does it work?

The reason for this is simple. Ear pressure sores, CNH and ear pain are all caused by the friction and pressure or one’s own pillow acting upon one’s ear during the night. Over time this friction erodes and degrades the skin of the ear until, ultimately, a pressure sore begins to form. Once this process has started it is nigh on impossible to stop without a radical change of course. This course change comes in the form of a pillow with a hole in the middle. The pillow is comfortable yet supportive and allows you to put your ear into the hole without fear of it being squashed or crushed between your head and the pillow. Therefore, by using such a device, the pressure is completely removed from the ear, the process of skin erosion is halted and the ear begins to heal naturally.

Who benefits?

Those that stand to gain from the ear protecting benefits of the pillow with a hole are, naturally, all those suffering from CNH, ear pressure sores and ear pain. This is most common in the elderly or the disabled. Furthermore; the pillow with a hole can be used after having ear piercings or to sleep comfortably with ear plugs and ear phones.

Where can I find The Pillow with a Hole?

You can find The Original P.W.A.H at the following address . They are made in the UK but can be shipped world-wide.

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