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The New Rules of Advertising and Marketing with ValueMags

ValueMags is a Chicago based marketing agency for magazine publishers and their magazines. The company is known for implementing the newest advertising rules and staying ahead of the game in marketing. Marketing and advertising as well as public relations (PR) have been merged together in recent years. The whole idea of a brand image or an individual’s image is controlled by each of those parties so many companies have consolidated into “full-service” companies. For the most part, people are well informed and expert the truth. For companies that continuously try to con their clients or twist the truth to make a sale, the likeliness of success is less likely that previously. Additionally, interruptions will not be tolerated in newer generations. This means that advertisers such as ValueMags have to be careful about the way they target their markets. If their ads are not even tolerated, than the client will be annoyed and even less likely to engage with your company.

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It is obvious that the Internet is the newest and best way to get to clients and niche markets. Agencies like ValueMags know more than most people think they do. They know how old you are, where you’re surfing from, what you like, what your friends like, what you’ve searched for directly, what you’ve clicked on, and how much time you’ve spent in every destination in your research. Google knows you better that you know yourself. In fact, most big medias do. Facebook can tell when you and your partner will break up with 99% accuracy.

The new rules related to advertising and marketing are hard to grasp because of their limitations. Full-service and specialty agencies are required to get creative and hire individuals that are younger and understand niches because they are a part of those niches. For more information about ValueMags and their process, click the link above to their new blog!

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