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The Health Benefits of Having A Dog in Your Family

Did you know that having a pet does not just end up as entertainment. That’s right. It’s because pets are also a cool health partner. Scientific researchers have proven that those who have dogs at home tend to be healthier than those who don’t. Be amazed on how pets can be a health buddy for you.

Pets can detect cancer.

According to vets from pet vet hospital in North Shore, dogs do good when it comes to sniffing out skin cancer. That’s right. In fact, some dogs can even detect breast, lung, ovarian, colon, and bladder cancer. Say for instance, a highly trained 8-year old Labrador subbed as Panda has appropriately sniffed out colorectal cancer in thirty-four of thirty-seven samples of people’s stool and breath that has been collected. Apart from that, a study also revealed that Panda had been able to detect a colorectal cancer in its early stage


Pets can keep you active.

It has been well documented that kids with pets at home spent more time in doing physical activities compared to kids who don’t have. It has been found out that dog owners walk at an average of three hundred minutes for every week. If you have pets at home, you will likely talk a walk with them every morning, play with them in your lawn, etc.

Pets help us deal with pain.

Seeing your cute Shih-Tzu running around the house provides comfort. According to some reports, people who have been through operations had higher chance of successful recovery with the help of spending some time with pets. Pet therapy is also claimed to help in reducing anxiety. With the joy pets brings, they can be named as great medical attendants.


Pets are god for the heart- literally.

Pet ownership is proven to decrease the chance of having heart attack. It had been said that they are good stress relievers, and are said to help reduce the chance of having a high cholesterol level or blood pressure. Study shows that people who have suffered from heart attack live longer by owning a pet.

It promotes healthy lifestyle.

Another perk of owning pets is healthy lifestyle. It means more walks on the park. So owning a pet promotes you to have a healthy and well maintained health. Pets are good companions, they love activities that gives them opportunity to run around and be playful. Overall, by having a pet in your home, children and adults are more active and socially inclined.

Pets reduce stress and anxiety. Having a furry companion like a dog, reduces stress. According to small animal vet hospital North Ryde, almost have of the population feels more secure in having a dog in the house. Also, they feel at ease after having a good time with them.They react to what they feel or see, and provide comfort to their owners when needed.

There’s no doubt about it. Pets are not just animals that entertain their owners with their tricks. They can be one of the best buddies we can have for a healthy living.

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