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How To Tell If You Are Entering Menopause

One thing that is very certain about menopause, is that it has quite a lot of symptoms that are more than just good indicators. That is why it is very important to visit your doctor as soon as you notice some changes on your body, since taking care of symptoms as they come is going to be much easier than handling them all at once.

Irregular periods are the main symptom

Since menopause is the period in a woman’s life that officially begins once she has been without a period for twelve months, keeping track of the menstrual cycle and their irregularities is quite important. If you are a woman who has just entered their forties, and you noticed that you have irregular menstrual cycles, that is a good sign that you are going to enter menopause in a few years.

The irregularity between cycles starts out quite small, as there might be only a week or two difference from your regular period cycles, however, as you get closer to menopause, you will not have menstrual cycles for a month, then for a couple of months, and once you hit that one-year mark, there is quite a good chance that period are going to stop.

Taking hormone replacements will fix your menopause symptoms

Lowered libido

Having a low sex drive is usually a very big sign of menopause, as the body is just “not in the mood” for intercourse due to all the changes happening down there. Low libido can sometimes put you into really strange situations, especially if your partner does not understand why you are not in the mood.

Plenty of menopause specialists from Australian Menopause Centre can easily fix the issues of lowered libido for you as it is one of the easiest symptoms to identify and control, and it is highly suggested to take the medicine provided by your doctor if you want to have a baby, because while you still have menstrual cycles, you will still have an opportunity to make that dream come true.

Hot flushes

The most annoying, and sometimes very dangerous symptom are hot flushes. If you are a person who can usually handle hot weather without any issues, then you will definitely notice this big change making an impact on your body, as patients who usually have hot flushes get extremely hot for no reason at all.

Hot flushes is one of the most common menopause signs according to Australian Menopause Centre and other experts, and you should check with your doctor immediately if you notice that you are sweating during the day, or sweating even more during the night.

In order to find all the necessary info when it comes to hot flushes as well as some other menopause symptoms, it is suggested to check out while also reading up about menopause somewhere else as well, so you can prepare for the situations that are about to come.


Your positive mood will return once the pesky symptoms are gone

Final Word

Menopause might be a normal process in every woman’s life; however, with today’s modern medicine and technologies, there is no reason for women to suffer through menopause due to all of the symptoms that come along with it. A single visit to the doctor is usually going to provide you with the solution ideal to your situation, so you definitely want to do that.

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