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Stop Hurting Your Back: Habits That Can Aggravate Back Pain

Back pain, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, is one of the most common conditions in the country. It is noted that about 16% of the population or 3.7 million people suffer from back problems. The sad part is, back conditions and injuries disrupt daily routines of sufferers, including sleep and work.

If you’re a part of that population and back pain constantly bothers you, it is most likely that some of your habits contribute to your back problems. You may not realize it, but some of the things you do daily can aggravate your pain and cause you more discomfort. This is why it makes sense to know about some of the seemingly harmless habits that can put a strain on your back over time. 

You Spend Most of Your Day Sitting

When you’re under pressure or completing an urgent task, maintaining the right sitting posture is not always second nature. The thing is, sitting for prolonged periods, strains your back and puts more pressure on the spine. This habit, furthermore, puts you at heightened risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. You may find relief in doing some stretching exercises at work or walking around for a few minutes every half hour. 

You Don’t Exercise

Many people with back pain usually skip exercising because it causes more discomfort. If this sounds like you, you are only delaying the healing process and making your symptoms worse. It is important to keep in mind that regular physical exercise can benefit your back in many ways, like relieving stiffness. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, you can start with walking then gradually move your way towards other activities like strength training, pilates, or yoga.

You Sleep on an Ancient Mattress

While most mattresses have a lifespan of 10 years, it is ideal to replace yours after five to seven years. This is especially true if you toss and turn every night, experience backaches, or wake up feeling restless. Reports suggest that those who change their mattress sooner rather than later sleep better and experience less body aches. If you’re considering buying a new one, avoid extremely hard ones. It is best to pick a medium to firm mattress.

You Watch Too Much TV

Binge watching or spending too much time in front of the TV or computer, worsens the symptoms of back pain. Studies also suggest that those who spend more than 12 hours a week watching TV were more likely to suffer from painful back conditions than more active individuals. It is beneficial to limit the number of hours you spend watching or surfing the internet as well as the TV. It is advisable to get moving or walk outside. 

You Ignore Your Back Pain

Not all back pain is extremely serious, but this does not mean that it is okay to ignore the symptoms. Doing nothing about the problem and hoping that it will get better on its own is not the best solution. If pain frequently bothers you, it is best to see a physiotherapist who can examine your body and assess your specific needs. A physiotherapy consultation can also help relieve your pain, diagnose any injuries, and help you get back on track.

Pinnacle Health Group is committed to providing health consultations of the highest quality. We offer physiotherapy to help relieve back pain, as well as long-term management solutions for preventing further injuries. A consultation with one of our physiotherapists will help you learn more about how your body works and provide you with the right physical treatment.

Apart from back pain, we also treat sports injuries, overuse injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and more. We have five locations in Melbourne and three in Sydney. For more information about our back pain relief and physiotherapy services, check out our website,

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