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How Steroids Can Give You Very Good Results in Professional Sports?

Steroid use in professional sports started almost 60 years back ever since it hit the US market. A number of pharmaceutical companies are engaged in manufacturing steroids of different varieties and started creating synthetic human hormone known as testosterone. In advanced countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada, it is not permitted to use without doctor’s prescription. However, that does not stop consumers to buy these steroids from many other online sources or through certain underground laboratories.

Steroids have plenty of medical applications and it can be used for treatment of cancer, asthma, arthritis and AIDS etc. It also stimulates our appetite and increases red blood cells and lean muscle tissues.

Steroids used in professional sports

Steroid use was first noticed in the year of 1954 when Russian weight lifters bagged almost all medals that surprised the world. It was later found that they had taken injection of testosterone during their training. Germany then started manufacturing testosterone under the name Dianabol. During this period people started using many other anabolic steroids in sports. Dianabol is sold even today and many athletes take them to improve their sporting performance.

There are few other performance enhancers available in the market today. They are human growth hormone, stimulants, anabolic steroids and many supplements. Most of the performance enhancers are synthetic testosterone that is naturally produced by our body. Anabolic androgenic steroids can build lean muscle mass and make athletes stronger to give better performance without getting tired. That is the reason most of the athletes today are using steroids before participating in any competitive sports.

The legal status of steroids is different in different countries. In certain countries, one can easily buy steroids and no prescription is needed to buy them while in countries like USA, Canada and many other western countries, it is illegal to possess steroids without any doctor’s prescription.

Therefore, athletes from these countries mostly depend upon different online pharmaceutical companies or certain black-market sources. You can name many famous sports persons from different fields, who are using steroids regularly and have gained a lot of name and fame for themselves.

Should the steroids be made legal for athletes?

This debate is continuing for many years within the sports fraternity. It is now an open secret that majority of sports participants are regular users of steroid, so does the ban really serve any useful purpose?



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