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Shogun nutrients:  Feed your plant to get the maximum performance

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With the help of the legendary nutrients, people can easily feed their plants getting maximum performance in their growth, health and development. For the new hydroponics market, Shogun nutrients came out with something special and of course not with any basic set of feeds but with the unique applications. The experts with the wealth of experience really understand about the requirements of the growers that would add exceptional performance and great value to their gardens. The different range of products includes a series of newly released and additive released coco and hydro nutrients.

As these products are easily available on the online stores so that people can make the great choice. These products have perfect nutritional provision for plants as the nutrients and fertilizers are exactly tailored while with growing time it would be available with further improvements in order to maximize the growing gains.

You can also make most suitable choice of the enhancing ingredients for the garden growth and development of garden while some of the important products are listed below:

  • Katana roots

Katana roots stimulate massive growth of the roots by making healthy and strong root zone. With the extreme combination of the ingredients it tends to make strong foundation.

  • Geisha foliar

Geisha is the combination of special foliar additives that are designed to initiate and enhance flowering receptors while also increases crop weight and yields. These unique ingredients mainly work at two special stages that are during the vegetative stage and during the flowering period.

  • Sumo boost

Sumo boost has power to maximize the plant efficiency to whilst quality, devastating effect including improvement in the aroma and taste. Definitely, you can say that it is champion of all the yield boosters that has triggered rapid gain in the targeted flowering with the powerful response.

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