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Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery on Health

If you ever wished of getting rid of those thick wide glasses circling your eyes then Lasik Eye Surgery Michigan is the answer to your concern. LASIK, also known as laser vision correction for refractive surgery is an eye operation done to correct the common vision related problems. It is an elaborated vision repairing procedure for correcting conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, myopia, or astigmatism. It reduces a person’s dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. A person wears glasses or lenses to refract or bend the rays correctly that have been bent in the wrong direction, causing blurry vision. In the laser operation, we reshape the cornea so that the light that is traveling through is correctly aimed at the retina present at the back of our eye where the images are formed of what we see.

Risks involved

There is no surgery in the world that comes without risks and complications, so is the LASIK eye surgery that has some associated risks related to vision. These could also be termed as side effects of LASIK surgery that last for a month or two while some are more permanent in nature.

Some common risks related LASIK eye surgery is discussed below.

  • Continued Vision disturbances for weeks or months:

Soon after the LASIK operation, you might feel discomfort in the eye and experience continued irritation. You will go through vision disturbances, hazy images, and symptoms of dry eyes. The images formed by your eyes might not be clear for a couple of months. However, these side effects go away as these are temporary.

  • Vision loss:

This is the worst-case scenario. Eyes are the most sensitive parts of our body, so you never know even the slightest mistake or change could cause drastic effects to our eyes. You may lose your vision permanently due to surgical complications or maybe even after the operation, your vision is still compromised and you continue to have blurry eyesight.

  • Astigmatism:

A condition arises when our cornea is irregularly shaped. Sometimes a surgery might not be successful and you might suffer from this condition where you lose your eye vision. This either will require another eye surgery or could be corrected by lenses or eyeglasses.

  • Keratectasia or bulging of the eye surface:

It is a condition involving bulging of the eye surface caused due to excessive removal of the tissue from the cornea during the LASIK operation.

The doctors don’t prescribe this surgery in case you have any physical illnesses like weakened immune system due to heavy medications, cataract, eye injuries and many more conditions that a doctor takes into consideration while allowing you to go for the surgery. It is always advisable to get the operation done by good and well-known doctor to minimize the risks and complications involved in the surgery. Clinics like Lasik Eye Surgery Michigan  have talented and highly experienced doctors who provide high-quality services. Moreover, you are the one who will go for the surgery; hence, make sure you are mentally and physically stable and healthy to get the operation done.

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