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Refocusing Hope: What Palliative Care Really Means

One common misconception about palliative care is that it makes death come quicker. This is why some families are reluctant to consider this type of service, even though a loved one can benefit greatly from it. Death is always considered a taboo topic and many believe that choosing a hospice or palliative care is synonymous with giving up hope or seeing a failure of the health care originally provided.

The truth is, palliative care can help individuals with a serious illness deal with and manage pain. Note that while this may help extend life, it cannot postpone dying. If your loved one is terminally ill, palliative care can improve their quality of life at it’s last stages. Choosing palliative care means delivering the best care possible, with the goal of helping the patient experience a pain-free death.

You don’t always have to associate palliative care with giving up, as it is more about refocusing hope for something more achievable despite an irreversible fatal illness. This is how palliative care can benefit patients and families:

Care Services in a Familiar Environment

It is natural that your loved one may want to avoid a hospital setting for the remaining days of their life. Home care is usually preferred, as they are surrounded with friends, family and familiarity. In this case, you can choose to have client centred palliative care for the patient. The good news is, many healthcare facilities offer palliative care at home to provide end-of-life care in a familiar and comfortable setting.

Compassionate Care for the Individual

For many serious illnesses, curative treatment may not always work. In some other cases, further attempts at treatments can harm the body and cause side effects. Palliative care can help treat or ease symptoms, as it focuses on compassionate care for the patient. Keep in mind that considering this care only when a person is likely to die soon, is not advisable, as it denies them of the many benefits of palliative care. 

Different Types of Care and Support Services

Palliative care services are all about meeting the preferences and care requirements of the patient and their loved ones. Consulting caregivers or a care service provider can help you design a customised care plan according to the patient’s illness and required level of care. The right palliative team may offer home health and nursing care, counselling or spiritual support, as well as social services for the family. Respite care and bereavement support may also be available. 

Living Life as Fully as Possible

It is not true that choosing this type of care speeds up death. The truth is, it provides the best quality of life and care in the face of an advanced illness. This does not mean that healthcare professionals have given up or there is no hope for the patient. Palliative care focuses on specialized pain management to address the needs of an individual and the family.

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

Palliative care is not just for people dying of a terminal illness. It eases the burden, on both patients and family, of a diagnosis of a medical condition that may shorten or compromise quality of life. When you choose to work with a palliative care service provider, you can decide upon the goals of care before a loved one loses the ability to make sound decisions themselves. This also means that the patient’s wishes are respected, whilst also lowering emotional discomfort for everyone involved.

Prestige Inhome Care is committed to providing the highest possible standard of care for everyone. We offer personalized and flexible palliative care by accommodating any needs or special requests, as well as tailoring in home care for each patient. We have caregivers, health professionals, and specialists who have years of palliative care experience to deliver the best level of care possible. For more information about palliative care, get in touch with us.

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