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Possessing a Phentermine Prescription in Style

Phentermine is one of the most popular weight loss pills out there. It helps in decreasing your hunger and thus controls the amount of calorie you eat. This forces your body to burn its saved up fat to get the energy it needs for sustenance. You should always consult your family doctor to get a prescription for Phentermine. Because your family doctor knows all your medical conditions, and also has an idea about what genetic problems you might have inherited, it is a much easier job for him to prescribe the pill for you. If he refuses to give you the prescription then you should let go of the idea, but if you are sure that it’ll be helpful for you then you can try some other doctors and get the prescription, after disclosing all your medical conditions.

Where can you buy Phentermine?

Nowadays Phentermine is sold widely in almost all retail outlets and pharmacies. It is also sold by a number of online stores who will send you the pills once they verify the authenticity of your prescription. It is easier to buy it offline though because it is available for sale in almost all markets including Costco, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. It can also be acquired from your local pharmacy.  After you get the prescription, it is pretty simple job to locate a seller. You can even get it delivered to your house on a monthly basis and get reminders about when your stocks should be running low.

Is Phentermine legal?

Since nowadays there are a huge number of illegal weight-loss drugs out there, you might be wondering if Phentermine is legal or not. The simple answer is yes, it is legal. It falls under the Schedule IV class of drugs, which means that it has mild side effects and is less harmful even after abuse. This does not mean that it is safe, this just means that it is less harmful than the drugs which fall under the Schedule I, II and III classes; Schedule I being the most harmful and causing the highest amount of permanent damage.

Procuring Phentermine without a prescription

Buying Phentermine without a valid prescription is illegal and it should not be possible, but the fact is that we live in a world where almost everything is available if you have money. Same is valid for this drug. Although most other countries have the same rule about prescriptions, some still have this drug for sale without any regulations. So technically, you can import this pill from such countries, but we strongly advise against doing that; because most of these imported products are of inferior quality and may lead to severe side effects.

Buying tips for you

Buy Phentermine only if you have a valid prescription. It is widely available for sale in a number of retailers including Costco, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Call up all these places and your local pharmacy and compare their prices to find out which one is the cheapest. The prices are dynamic and keep varying. Always check the expiry and manufacturing dates before you buy.

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