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Why Pilates is Especially Valuable for Men

Pilates is a form of exercise that attempts to use the mind to control the body and improve body flexibility and strength.

Most men enjoy watching Pilate sessions, but don’t want to take part in it because they consider lying on the floor and exercising with their body weight is more of a feminine thing. Some men think it’s a kind of yoga for women, and others consider it only  a recovery treatment for sportsmen.

But weight trainers are relying on the Pilates system to improve muscle power and flexibility, and some perceptive males are realising it’s a great way to keep the flab at bay; for both sexes.

It’s ironic that there should be a debate on whether Pilates is recommended for men too, given that Joseph Pilates, who developed the technique in the last century, was a man. And not just a man, but some sort of alpha male. He was half a pugilist, had a great physical physique and lived to be 84.

As a man, after some regular  good sessions of Pilates you should be able to achieve greater strength, have tighter muscles and reduced flab. You can maintain a trim waist, muscular arms and a toned body by building pilates into your fitness regime.


Here are other reasons why Pilates is great for you as a man.

  1. It helps you stay flexible

Muscle flexibility is what defines a youthful body and keeps people feeling young.

With a body like that your muscles are more elastic and you can do routine exercises to the max without a fear you could pull a muscle.

  1. Finally, you can have that six pack you’ve dreamed about

Just as Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the discipline, you too can have a six pack when you incorporate Pilates into your workouts.

Pilates involves slow and controlled movement patterns that sometimes require that you maintain a particular pose for a long time. This allows for various types of intense isometric contractions for the abdominals that most people are not accustomed to.

With more exercise and contractions, along with routinely consuming the right foods for repair and maintenance, muscle groups in your body will be shocked into place, leaving your with a physique with outstanding results. It’s actually quite mentally challenging to concentrate and keep form with pilates. I find that the right supplements for mental enhancement aid my focus and improve my results. I really consider pilates as a sport where peak performance is both exhilarating and hard.

  1. Pilates improves your sex life

Pilate sessions are a great place to find lots of single women with great bods, so you will definitely love to hang out there more to increase your prospects. *winks*.

But on a more serious note, Pilates can make your urination and ejaculation way better, as it helps strengthen the pelvis floor and the PC muscle (pubococcygeal). With those muscles firmer, you will have greater control on your emissions and be able to last longer. That should definitely make your partner smile more.

  1. It increases longevity

You can’t go on a long run every day without feeling the strain on your knees. And if you choose kickboxing as your body-building technique, you know you have to be ready for the occasional injuries that are part and parcel of the sport.

Strength and endurance training methods require you take some breaks in-between the session. Pilates is one of the few forms of exercise you can practice daily and, rather than break down, you can continue to increase in strength and flexibility.

5. It’s a great alternative to yoga

Everyone loves the amazing benefits of yoga for both the physical and mental health, but not everyone enjoys this type of meditation exercise.

And that’s okay and doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you if you fall into that category. Thankfully for you, Pilate is great substitute with similar results. In addition, it is comparatively more fun and a little less zen (meditation).

Pilates, unlike in a Yoga class, also actually encourages you to interact with your instructor and helps you to better connect your mind with your body through movement and breath, which is known to improve all aspects of life.

So all you men out there don;t write pilates off. It’s gaining more and more men conversions. Try it! It might just work for you!

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