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PG E-liquid – All you should know about it

You might know that there is a wide range of e-liquids produced by various premium and not so great e-juice manufacturers. Whatever, the type of manufacturer, the main constituents of the e-juice are just water, Propylene Glycol/Vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. This Propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine or a combination of both constitutes about 95% of the e-juice. Flavorings and nicotine constitute the rest. You also have 0% nicotine e- juices. This means that the flavoring would be slightly high in them. Having said this let us consider why PG based or e-juices with a high level of PG than VG are quite popular.

The Features of a PG or High PG e-juice

The distinct features of a PG cheap e cig juice similar to E-liquid Mate that accounts for its popularity include

Consistency– The PG E-juice is thinner in consistency when compared to the VG e-juice. Therefore the cartomizers and wick tanks that have polyfills and cotton fabric inside them would absorb PG based e-juices quite easily and quickly.

Reduced gunk build-up – Since the PG e-juice is of a lower density, it vaporizes at a faster rate and does not leave any gunk on the heating element.

Flavor– Propylene glycol does not have a taste or odor of its own. Therefore, when it is used in an e-liquid, the flavor of the e-liquid would not be affected in any way.

Throat hit– The PG high e-juices are believed to produce a very strong throat hit. This is because PG is a powerful Humectant.

All said and done, PG or PG high e-juices do tend to have one undesirable feature. It is that they are known for causing allergic reactions in certain e-cigar users. The allergic reactions could be mild or severe which may include tingling sensations in the throat and irritation in the body.

Choose the e-juice of the flavor you like with a high level of PG and enjoy a relaxing and great vaping experience. Consult a doctor if you experience allergic reactions which are indeed a very rare occurrence.

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