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People need to be Cautious when Buying Drugs Online

Laila is a 28-year-old woman and she is a parent. She doesn’t stock up things, even her baby’s things, and orders everything almost online, and thus she saves her time. She orders her baby products which she gets cheap online and many things online and most of them are cheaper than local market.

Laila’s friend Nola isn’t as lucky as Laila. Nola ordered some weight loss pills online on a website which took her order at a much cheaper rate. When the medicines are checked after she received the order, they were all fake meds.

So, might be buying other items are okay, but buying medicines online has mix reactions from doctors.

Online Medicines: Why buy

There are many reasons people buy online medicines:

  • Online medicines are cheaper, as they don’t share hands from the regional distributor, to state distributor, to wholesalers, to the pharmacy and every one of them takes their own share of profits.
  • Some people buy online medicines like ED pills online, for example, cheap Cialis online because of privacy. They don’t want to go to the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist about his ED. He would rather prefer to go online and then the med will be delivered right to his front door.
  • Some people don’t have time, or they live too far away from a pharmacy or in remote areas. They order online because it saves their time and they also don’t have to travel long distances. The med will reach right at their home directly.


Following are some risks linked with online medications:

  • It is unethical and illegal to buy drugs online. Prescriptions are needed to buy medications, and according to the law of US, you cannot get a prescription without meeting a physician personally.
  • Outdated medicines are sold. The meds whose expiry date passed away are sold online. This may damage your health.
  • Counterfeit drugs are sold online. Those drugs are also made with some kind of chemicals, even might be vitamins and they look like popular drugs, but some people have bad reactions to many compounds, even vitamins. Also, glues and other substances are found in those drugs which are harmful. They won’t carry the active ingredient and may contain ingredients which are harmful to you.

Check the online pharmacy before buying your meds

Check reviews of the pharmacy before buying drugs from there. Online reviews are very essential, and there are very few chances of faking them. If there’s no review, still don’t buy from this pharmacy. There are tons of thousands of online pharmacies which are good.

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