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Online Peptide Retailers Don’t Deliver on What They Promised

It has come to the realization of many people buying peptides online that the majority of vendors don’t actually deliver on the peptides they purport to sell. This has come to dismay very many people, especially those in countries where peptide synthesis doesn’t take place and their source of peptides thus remains from foreign countries.

Though this is a tough vice to tame, the best way to curb it is to ensure that all purchases are done from verified vendors, since you have a higher chance of getting the peptides ordered from them.

A study conducted using Google search found that three shops that claimed to sell vials with 10mg of melatonin II in the United Kingdom didn’t actually deliver the vials with the promised melatonin. All the three shops claimed to sell the vials and purchase was to be done online using secure credit cards. All the three shops were legit and had proved, by showing registration details, that they were indeed legit.

In the same studies, additional vials were bought from vendors who claimed to sell the vials with 10mg of melatonin, only that these other stores were not verified to be legit. After all the vials had been shipped, a test was conducted to determine if indeed what they shipped is what they was they were selling. To the dismay of the researchers, the legit stores delivered exactly they promised, but these other unverified online stores delivered completely different things.

From the unverified stores, some of the vials had no melatonin, others had it in less quantities while others had lots of impurities in the vials. This was a clear indication that most of the online peptide vendors today cannot be trusted, and if you want to stay on the safe side, then you will be better off making your purchases from verified vendors.

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