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Miracle Muscle Gains with Anadrol

Sports people, body builders, power lifters and weight lifters all have one thing in common which is the use of Steroids to improve their performance. Sometimes, a single steroid or a combination of steroids and other natural supplements are t by them to achieve the fastest result within a short time frame. This has been proved to be effective in many cases and however in a small number of cases, found to be not working. The minor results might come from the improper use of the steroid due to less knowledge about a particular steroid.

Use of Oxymetholone for Muscle Building

This falls under the Androgenic Anabolic Steroid category and is an orally active chemical compound. It is also a derivative of the hormone, Dihydrotestosterone. As such it exhibits androgenic and anabolic effects on the user, but more of the anabolic qualities rather than the androgenic qualities. This was invented for people who are suffering from anemia and osteoporosis and to help people gain weight due to malnourishment or other reasons. Bodybuilders require a good development of muscle growth for their profession and take this drug. The full effects of the drug can be seen at sites like or through other online searches. It is important that one understand the effects of the drug before experimenting as they might give some unwanted side effects as well as growth.

Effects of the drug

The drug is effective orally and can pass through the liver without much destruction and can release the hormone into the bloodstream. This results in maximum hormone availability and carries a lot of nitrogen. For protein synthesis to happen, nitrogen is required and since it is available in plenty, muscle growth occurs at a faster rate. Due to its anabolic properties, it also gives the user some extra strength which enables them to work out more in a gym.

Side Effects and Safe Usage

This drug does not bind to the androgenic receptor cells and hence doesn’t show much activity on the gonads but have a toxic effect on the liver. Hence liver gets damaged, blood pressure increases, severe heart ailments, diarrhea, headache, etc. Due to the non-aromatization of the chemical, it produces estrogenic effect on men and may enlarge the size of the breasts. In women, it may create hair loss, acne, and change in menstrual cycles, sexual desire, etc. Along with muscle growth, it has the tendency to retain fluid in them and hence at times may give a bloated effect and may add weight.

As a standalone drug, it has limited potential for muscle growth only. However, in order to get a chiseled look, other steroids are recommended like testosterone, nandrolone or trenbolone. Adding these stacks to the cycle will yield phenomenal results for the user. The recommended dosage is 50mg at the start of the cycle and increase the strength. One may use the drug for 6-12 weeks but beyond that period, should stop usage as it may not produce any more gains. To know much better about the drug, visit sites like and assess the benefits and potential side effects for a beneficial growth. Should the side effects show up, consult a physician immediately without delay.


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