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Medical Marijuana: Interesting Facts about Cannabidiol

Marijuana as medicine is no news – the hemp variety has been studied decades and there is overwhelming evidence (over 20,000 studies) showing its effects on human health. Below you will learn some intriguing and most important facts about cannabis-derived products that can offer you great help:

Medical versus recreational marijuana

The difference between the two is given by the THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol). A high THC content is specific to hemp used to make the famous drug. It affects the brain in the way that it creates a state of calm and euphoria. However, not all types of marijuana are the same. Some of these are very low in THC but high in CBD (non-psychoactive), which has plenty of medical uses.Image result for Medical Marijuana: Interesting Facts about Cannabidiol

The difference between regular hemp oil and cannabis oil

There is no general consensus yet in the matter of medical cannabis. Many countries are still keeping it as illegal. In regular hemp oil you may find cannabidiol or CBD, but not in the same concentration as with the highly potent cannabis oil. Still, companies that market their hemp products as CBD sources claim that you will get the real thing. It’s always recommended to do your research and find out hat’s the concentration in these products.

THC has negative effects, CBD restores health

There is a reason why recreational cannabis is illegal. Its high THC content changes behavioral patterns ans it simply wires the brain differently. In the long run, it’s not worth it. Luckily, some of its effects are reversible. By using CBD oil, the phytochemicals interact with numerous systems within the human body and restore healthy patterns. Many use THC-rich cannabis in hopes to alleviate depression and anxiety, but research shows that the CBD variety has more positive effects in this particular matter.

CBD hemp is legal

Cultivation and use of CBD hemp is allowed in most countries. Because it won’t get you high, you can use CBD oil liberally, even in high concentration. Both industrial hemp and medical marijuana are subject to oil extraction techniques. No prescription is needed in order to buy and use products containing it.

You should never attempt to self-medicate with marijuana. The main concern is the psychoactive factor.  It is essential to make the difference between the recreational and medical type, so you can choose your products wisely and dodge the negative side effects, while reaping all the benefits of medical hemp.

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