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Know More about the Top 6 Human Growth Hormone Steroids

Anabolic steroids are man-made formulation of human growth hormone. It is illegal to sell any steroid without proper medical prescription in many states. It is prescribed by doctors only if there is deficiency of this hormone and will be recommended after thorough study and examination of the patient.

Read the definition here of HGH steroids that state the artificial production of growth hormone used to treat children and adult who have deficiency of this growth hormone.

Off late it is used as an easy option for bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their stamina and body muscle mass without any physical exercise.

Get to know more about these steroids.


Testosterones are recommended during your gaining as well as cutting cycle. It should always have a center stage in the cycle. The testosterone esters are a bit difficult to understand, but if you are in a bulking cycle then you can opt for testosterone cypionate. In case you are in your cutting cycle then you can go in for a testosterone propionate. However, if you just want to go steady with your mass then you can go in for a testosterone enanthate.


Many of them consume Anavar incorrectly. Usually, it is used during the cutting cycle, but many of the athletes and body builders forget that it can be used and consumed during bulking cycle too. It is useful in enhancing the muscle tissue and strength. Being a mild steroid with minimal side effects, Anavar is quite popular as compared to other steroids.


Winstrol or Stanozolol is still the hot pick among many athletes and body builders. It helps in increasing the body mass, increases strength and stamina. There is no doubt that many of them consume it during their cutting down cycle.


It is the finest anabolic steroid known in the market, but it has more serious and harmful side effects than its competitors. It damages the liver and heart and it causes serious weight loss etc.

Deca Durabolin

It is the most effective steroids of all. It is consumed when you wish to have a bulky look. However, not to forget that it also leads to severe side effects like heart attack and edema. It can also cause prostate enlargement in men.


Dianabol was the first ever steroid developed. This will help you to have a great bulky look. It is known as a God of all bulking steroids.


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