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What To Know About Microblading Procedure – Are You The Right Candidate

Microblading is actually a type of a cosmetic procedure that is a semi permanent way of growing eyebrows. In this procedure, hand-controlled tools will be employed to create some microscopic cuts in the skin layer surrounding eyebrow region. Experts then start planting some pigments into these cuts, which will look exactly like eyebrow hair.

There are many names that are used for addressing microblading procedure such as 3D eyebrows, microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, micropigmentation and eyebrow feathering. You can visit website here to know more about the microblading procedure.

Right people for Microblading Procedure

Anyone can opt for microblading procedure. However, this procedure is best suited for people who have crossed their 45 years age. Eyebrow planting will help aged people to get great looking eyebrow, and will help them to enjoy younger brows for longer years. As eyebrows have a key role to play in deciding the look of anyone’s face, microblading is an ideal choice for women who have thin eyebrow issue.

Women who are in their trimester of pregnancy and people with diabetes problem are usually not suggested to undergo microblading procedure. If you yet wish to go through the procedure, then the best way is to consult the physician and get their consent.

Recovery Time Required after Microblading Procedure

People who have undergone through microblading procedure are not suggested to expose their facial skin to sunlight. If you stay indoors, then the required healing time after the procedure is around 7 to 10 days.

You are suggested to follow some strict after-surgery suggestions in order to experience excellent results. This may include being careful while using any makeover product or even using soap or face wash product for cleansing your face.

After-Surgery Maintenance of Eyebrows

You are suggested to book an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon 12 months once, after the microblading procedure. You can even book an appointment for 30 days once, if you feel like your eyebrows require constant care. No matter what your option is, it is suggested to get your eyebrows checked in 10 months after the procedure.

Risks Included with the Procedure

Many cosmetic specialists, even though they are not trained in handling microblading tools, are performing microblading procedure today because of the growing popularity of the procedure. There are many risks involved in undergoing the procedure under the supervision of an untrained professional than an experienced one.

The possible risks include infection in the skin layer, where the pores are done with the tools. If not treated early, then there are chances of infection attacking the brain cells in no time.

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