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Why kefir is so popular today?

Kefir is similar to cauliflower mushroom growing you are giving more to talk about. Its texture is soft, its color is whitish, and its properties and benefits seem endless.

What makes this food one of the most popular today? Not only the fact that the properties of kefir and its benefits are numerous, it is also very easy to prepare and adapts to every palate.

Today, one of the most popular trends is healthy eating. Among the properties of Kefir it is known that provides valuable nutrients, so one of the benefits of kefir is that represents a healthy and nutritious food for people who consume.

Another very popular trend nowadays is the DIY (Do It Yourself / Do it yourself). Not for nothing are becoming more and more youtubers who become famous thanks to online tutorials teach you how to do by yourself whatever you need.


Yogurt kefir, or yogurt Bulgarian as it is also known, is easy prepare.just have to dip a little Kefir in a container with water, milk or tea, and submit to certain temperature is a drink with a myriad of benefits.

The benefits of Kefir we can find that relieves constipation, improves digestion, restores the intestinal flora and stomach mucosa, and can even help regulate weight and blood pressure, among many others. The benefits of kefir or Bulgarian seem infinite, and its popularity lies in the fact that besides being very easy to prepare, adapt to the needs or tastes of each consumer.

If you are lactose intolerant for example, you can prepare your kefir water. But if the Bulgarian water is not your thing and prefer something a little more acidic or more flavor, you can prepare Bulgarian milk or even yogurt Bulgarian.

Among the properties of kefir also it found that provides nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids, so it becomes an interesting food for a variety of recipes. Today there a wide range of recipes with kefir, many of them ranging from simple dishes to some more elaborate, including delicious desserts based Bulgarian.

Kefir is here to stay even though it is not new that has just been discovered. Recall that kefir is a completely natural food that provides all the nutrients while providing quite complex medicinal benefits. Be however you prefer kefir, whether you like kefir milk, water kefir or yogurt kefir, or even some of the different recipes with kefir that there is an essential food for reasons both gastronomic as health, you can not miss in our kitchen.

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