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Interesting Ways to Pass Your Drug Test

In any job, urine tests for drugs might happenat any time. This can be a big problem if you have used Marijuana recently. You could lose your job and worse. So, here are a few of the ways to beat the test.

1. Water

Drink at least 8 large glasses of water before the test. This will dilute the concentration of banned chemicals in your blood as you will urinate more and thus detoxify your body.

2.Creatinine Level

The consumption of red meat significantly increases the creatinine level (allows to measure the filtration of the kidneys). If you take a lot of red meat 3 days before the test, it will regulate your creatinine level, and the lab will not notice that you have diluted your urine.

3. Vitamin B

Take vitamin B, between 50 and 100 mg. This will color your urine yellow. Some claim that vitamin C is more effective. But it could even sometimes affect the dilution. I only remind you that this step is not too necessary. Indeed, it turns out that the urine of a person who does not drink a lot of water is usually very clear.


4. Diuretics

I guess you know for a fact that diuretics make you want to pee. Take a lot of coffee, juice, beer, tea… The grapes are considered excellent diuretics. Avoid salt for a time. Herbal diuretics are more effective than fruit juices and avoid alcoholic beverages, they sometimes cause significant inconvenience. You can visit https://www.exit-5.infoto get a quality and tested herbal diuretics.

5. Vinegar

It seems that vinegar masks drugs. It’s wrong. But on the other hand, vinegar lowers the pH of the urine. Do not drink vinegar at once, you risk diarrhea lol.

6. Fibers

If you can, make a diet based on fiber; this diet will eliminate much of the THC in the stool. The use of laxatives based on fibers that would increase the production of acids could also be considered. Pay attention. The use of these laxatives can be addictive.

7.Lecithin Vitamins

A recent method, in full development, is to take lecithins vitamins. This vitamin accesses fats and disperses them into the blood, in order to eliminate the drugs that would implant in lipid tissues, such as this. It is advisable to take it clearly before the day of the test and to stop the cure within a few days of it because the that which is stored in the fatty tissue is found in the blood. It may be better to take it intravenously than it is oral, although some people do not like to take intravenous vitamins because the digestive system is bad for its action before it enters the bloodstream. It is also advisable to take B5 vitamins with it because it transforms lecithin into acetylcholine (strengthens the vasodilatation of capillaries and arteries) or food that would help the body. The action of lecithin, like lipotropes (attach to adipose tissue).

8.Fake urine

Do not give the first urine of the day. It is highly saturated with waste. Urinate two or three times before taking the test. During your sampling, urinate a part in the toilet, then stop and take it for the test (This step is difficult to achieve if you are a girl) or you can get synthetic urine and pass your urine test.

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