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Improving Memory Using Supplements and Pills

Short memory or memory loss is something you might often come across. The problem aggravates as you get old. There might be some other underlying factors as well. These include stress, anxiety, chemical deficiencies or lack of a proper diet. Whatever, the reason might be, it can be very detrimental to your lifestyle. Here is the solution!

There has been a revolution in the use of natural supplements and pills. They have a positive effect on your brain, thus giving you a better memory as well as learning ability. No longer will you find yourself stuck up in situations due to a short memory. A regular usage of these pills and some exercises are sure to get your memory back.


Increasing Neuro-plasticity

The term refers to the ability of your brain to grow and adapt depending on situations. The brain is constantly evolving and developing. There are so many neurons and all of them are required to coordinate properly to ensure maximum efficiency.

To ensure this, the tissues must remain flexible and conducive to growth. And the major chemical involved in the process is the acetylcholine. Thus, supplements that have an enhancing effect on this chemical should be consumed to increase brain power. The more the acetylcholine content, the more neuro-plasticity the brain will exhibit!

Maintaining the health of the Brain

Another important factor to maintain your memory is to ensure that adequate amount of oxygen is reaching the brain. The nutrients, oxygen and the glucose must be circulated in optimum quantities. This will nourish the brain cells and proper enzymes will be synthesized. The waste is then removed on time due to excellent circulation of the organ.


Exercise is by far the best method to promote proper blood circulation to the brain. You must consume a diet that has a very little cholesterol content and prevents fat decomposition in the arteries.

Natural supplements like Vinpocetine can also aid in improved circulation. It improves the circulation by its effects on the blood vessels without causing any stress to the cardiovascular system. The decreased level of oxygen reaching the brain can decrease its natural capabilities to retain information. Thus, Vinpocetine also ensures that proper amount of oxygen reaches the brain.

Removing brain Clouds

The mental energy must be appropriate enough. The brain must be receptive to take in new memories and retain them. Apart from exercises, various drugs can help you in this. These include Sulbutamine or tyrosine. It increases the release of dopamine into the body that is responsible for mental acuity and clarity.

The more you use your brain, the more receptive it will become. Additionally, the use of these supplements can aid you to have even a better memory. Care must be taken however to consume them in required dosage keeping in mind the side effects and exercise caution as well.

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