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Why is it an important decision to choose a Hair Restoration Surgeon

To choose the best Surgeon for the hair transplant procedure is not an easy task and you have to go through a multiple steps starting from research work to see the practical result via a number of online and offline mediums. The hair transplant surgical procedure is a combination of both science and an art that requires an extreme sense of precision, skills, and practical understanding in order to give the best natural results. However, it is an important task to choose the best one who has both the surgical and artistic knowledge and the last, but least the Surgeon’s recognition in the particular plastic & cosmetic surgery that are rated on the accolades, membership, fellowships, and live participation towards innovation, development, and an in-depth knowledge about the hair restoration procedure.

The hair transplant in India is famous worldwide due to the availability of the best Doctors, Surgeons, and clinic established in almost all big cities of India. The hair transplant cost in India is around 75% less as compared to the procedure cost applicable in other Western world countries.

The hair transplant procedure success all depends on the Surgeon’s expert hand due to following 2 important aspects associated with the procedure are as follows:

  1. The Artistic involvement of Surgery: The hair transplant procedure involves the root shifting from one part of the scalp/body to another part where baldness experience, in order to cover the area with full of hair, is called hair transplantation. The procedure involves the steps of harvesting of donor area; dissection of hair roots, slit making, hairline design, and the final is hair implantation. The steps of the procedure are both surgical and artistic in which slit making and hairline design is core artistic that needs an extreme precision and skills to perform it in a correct manner. To perform the artistic part it is mandatory that your Surgeon is well-qualified to do the same along with a number of years’ experience.
  2. The decision of procedure and Technique selection: The hair transplant success depends on the Surgeon’s judgment regarding the time of the procedure and technique selection. When to perform surgery and how to perform is all related to the procedure success. An expert Surgeon does not perform the surgery for a very young patient due to the cosmetic limitations. The technique selection also has a major role that must opt after a careful evaluation of the patient scalp and their state of hair loss.

How can we judge the expertise of a Surgeon can best understand by the following 3 Factors?

  1. Surgeons Qualification: It is important that your performing surgeon possesses the degree associated with the plastic & cosmetic surgery. The performing surgeon should have an M Ch degree along with the MD degree. The Surgeon should maintain a high standard performance in the hair transplant world and an active member of the reputed and recognized national and international hair restoration forums and body.
  2. Surgeon’s Experience: The performing Surgeon must have many years of experience with plus benefit of giving the positive remarks in the restoration world. The experience makes a Surgeon perfect as it involves a great artistic job in terms of hairline design and slit making activities.
  3. Active involvement in the reputed Societies: To become a recognized surgeon, it has a great role that says about your perfection in the field. The recognized surgeon possesses a membership in the reputed and leading hair restoration bodies such as ISHRS, ISAPS, Etc.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the concerning chapters in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery field that requires an expert surgeon who has great knowledge towards each movement related procedural success.


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