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Importance of the Human Eye

The organ which tends to react towards pressure and light is the eye. The human eye allows the sight of vision. Human eyes provide moving images in three dimensions which are colored in the daylight. The human eye has the capability to tell the difference between 10 million different colors and is also capable of observing even a single photon.

Among all of our five senses, the sense of vision is the most important. For example, your dog tends to sense of smell more than the sense of vision for distinguishing people and objects while he can see just some colors with his eyes. While humans cannot smell everything and everyone that came in your backyard but you can use the sense of vision and see them in different colors. Eyes are the organ which expresses our emotions whether it is fear, sadness, anger, or joy without saying a single word about it.

When a human eye sees an object or a person the eyes are not the ones seeing it but basically it is the brain that is perceiving it. When you look at your dog all you see is that it is a dog, but what your brain perceives it is that it is your dog with whatever breed it belongs and that it is hungry or sleepy etc. our eyes don’t just perform a task but they are the gateway by which our brain tells us new things, make memories, learn more about the world.

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Amazing facts about the Human eye

  • The average amount a human eye blinks in a second is 1/10. While talking a person blinks more than usual.
  • After brain, eyes are the second complex part of a human body. Only the 1/6th part of the eye can be seen by the world.
  • There are 40 traits in your fingerprints and 256 unique traits in eyes, which is why retina scans are found more secure for security.
  • The newborns have perceptible cries yet they can’t drop tears along with it until they are four months older.
  • Eye scratches tend to heal quicker normally in 2 days if no infection occurs.
  • Eyes are the manager of almost 80% of the information you will take in.
  • Diabetes can also be detected by eye exams.
  • 2,000,000 or more working parts are found in the human eye.50% or even more of the brain is involved in the vision of sight.
  • The biggest cause of blindness among adults in the United Kingdom is diabetes.
  • Cornea or sharks are used for human eye surgeries due to its similarity with the human cornea.
  • The human eye can only see three colors that are red, green and blue. The other colors are just the combinations of those three colors.
  • The muscles in your eyes are the greatest active muscles in your whole body.

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