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  The impacts of recreational drugs on people

One of the most prevalent recreational drugs that are accessible is “weed” or marijuana. The effects of this drug vary from individual to individual though it causes a soothing mellow feeling. Recently, marijuana has been made legal in many states for medicinal use and, according to some; it will be made lawful for recreational purposes also. Though it is viewed as a recreational drug, yet it is one of the most preferred medications with minimal long-term dangerous health effects. Other popular recreational drugs are huffing chemical solvents, and they come with many hazardous health effects.

From the time the huffing chemical solvents became well-known; these drugs have been highly used by the youths. People have been huffing anything, not even baring nail varnish, aerosols, and lighter fuel. As recreational drugs are readily available from a recreational dispensary, they are commonly used in third world nations, like Morocco. Again, Snorting glue is viewed as a standard practice amongst teenagers who don’t have access to other recreational drugs. However, drug addiction is considered a severe mental health illness which is afflicting people largely. According to some, addictive behavior is the consequence of a genetic predisposition for turning into an addict, while others believe that a chaotic upbringing is responsible for it.

The positive outcomes

Medical marijuana can help countless ill people that include patients suffering from various forms and stages of cancer. The most significant benefits of medical marijuana are the capabilities to overcome severe nausea which is caused by chemotherapy and the problem itself. Additionally, marijuana is helpful to patients who have HIV, AIDS, etc. and it improves their appetite, and with its help patients can ingest more nutrients and food needed for their health. People who suffer from muscle spasms, brain cancer, chronic pain, depression, anxiety get hugely benefitted from medical marijuana.

People smoke marijuana even though there are countless other drugs for helping patients suffering from ailments. But other drugs are not as effective, and if people overdose these alternative drugs, they can even kill people. Marijuana can help people in various ways so that they can get rid of the medical conditions but it is not always the case with other drugs. For this reason; people depend on medical marijuana instead of other drugs. People prefer to choose a natural plant over expensive medications which can cost thousands of dollars and that too in a month only.

The legal matters

The centralized government of the US hasn’t legalized the use of marijuana even for medicinal purposes. Nonetheless, out of 50 States, there are presently 13 States which have passed laws regarding the compassionate utilization of marijuana as cannabis for therapeutic treatment. These States are Colorado, Alaska, California, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Maine, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Montana, Vermont, Washington, and Oregon. A person who has attained the age of 21 years can enter a recreational dispensary for buying cannabis or cannabis smoking accessories. The state of California will permit cannabis retailers to get licensed needed for recreational sales or medical sales and sometimes both.

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