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How to Deal With Loose Skin Following Bariatric Surgery

Most patients who undergo bariatric surgery in India normally have mixed feelings about their bodies; loose skin is especially a common occurrence after the rapid weight loss experienced through bariatric surgery. If you have significant trouble with excess skin after bariatric surgery, a plastic surgeon can assist you with certain procedures that are designed to shrink the skin or remove the excess skin.

There are new advances in laser liposuction, such as SmartLipo, will allow for skin shrinkage. If you need a surgical procedure, speak to a reconstructive surgeon, someone experienced in body contouring after bariatric treatment. The treatments for removal of excessive tissue can involve extensive surgical procedures which will vary from the basic procedures, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, breast lift, inner thigh lifts, and arm lift to more complicated procedures, including high lateral tension abdominoplasty and lower body lifts.

Body lift surgery is one of the most common procedures that are used to improve the body’s appearance after bariatric surgery in India; it has a long lasting effect but you must keep your weight stable. The surgeon makes one cut along the abdomen and removes excess, sagging skin, lifts and tightens the buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, and arms in the same procedure. Liposuction is often used to remove fat and improve body contour. Buttock augmentation may be done since buttocks often flatten with extreme weight loss. Body lift surgery can dramatically change your appearance, and the results are permanent, except for a little natural firmness that’s lost with age.


For post bariatric surgery patients, hernias are covered by some insurers, as is a panniculectomy; which is the removal of excess abdominal skin that can cause rashes, lesions and infection. Sores and rashes must be present for at least six months, having failed to heal despite appropriate medical treatment. If these problems are present in other areas, such as the inner thighs, breasts, or under the arms, insurance will likely cover the surgery. Breast reductions are sometimes covered too, depending on the patient profile and symptoms. The skin sores and irritation caused by the skin rubbing together, and their treatments, should be well documented by your primary care physician. Documented properly, medical records will provide great support toward getting your surgery covered by your insurance company.

Tummy tucks or a body lifts are also other surgeries that can be done after bariatric surgery and may be covered by some insurers as well; they are almost always performed at a discounted rate because the panniculectomy procedure is encompassed within the tummy tuck procedure. It is very important to keep everything in perspective. While excess skin is not necessarily what you signed on for when you decided to have bariatric surgery, it is evidence of successful weight loss. Your improved health and quality of life are the most important things.

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