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How St. Louis Addicts Can Build Character in Recovery

It is important to build character while in a drug rehab St. Louis and to really, “Find yourself”, so to speak.  Relapse is easily the most concerning aspect of drug and alcohol use and abuse and addiction, because an individual stands the greatest chance of dying from his or her drug and alcohol abuse when he or she relapses.  It is in that moment that his or her body will be the least tolerant of the drug or alcohol, not having had it in a really long time, and with the body having lost some if not all of its tolerance for the substance.  However, most recovering addicts do not realize this or do not care, and they take as much of the substance that they were used to taking back when they were regular users, the substance overloads their body, and they die from it.  This happens to anywhere from forty to ninety thousands recovering addicts every year.

Relapse is very real, and it is very dangerous and deadly, and it provides the recovering addicts in the nation with the incentive needed to really make it go right and to enter into treatment and to make it go right to beat their addiction problem once and for all and for good.  This is an issue that can definitely get a lot worse if the right steps and the right paths are not followed effectively.  Image result for Addicts Can Build Character in Recovery

Addressing Character Flaws

St. Louis recovering addicts have a lot of work to do to build themselves back up to the persons that they were before they started abusing drugs and alcohol.  For some key data on this:

  • Character flaws get in the way of forward progress. If people are not prepared to overcome them it may mean that they stop making progress in their own recovery because of it. This is dangerous because it leads to dissatisfaction and relapse too, amongst other things.
  • True happiness really only occurs when people are comfortable in their own skin and are willing to do what they need to do to survive and be better in general. Eradicating character flaws is not about wanting to become a goody two-shoes by any means at all. The real reason for doing it is that it means less stress in life and improved mental well-being too.
  • These character flaws will cause other people to suffer, and that alone is reason enough to get rid of them. Family, friends, and work colleagues are likely to already have suffered too much during the years of addiction as it is. It is not fair that they should continue to suffer once the individual has become sober either, so the flaws need to be fixed too.
  • The goal of many individuals in recovery is to reach a stage known as serenity and total happiness with self too. This is a state where they will feel at peace most of the time, with a few expected bumps here and there. When problems arise they will intuitively know how to handle them very well. In order for people to attain the desirable state of serenity they need to be willing to deal with their character flaws and to really be able to confront them effectively.

With these techniques, anyone in recovery in St. Louis can definitely handle any character flaws one and for all.


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