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All About The Hourglass Tuck Surgery

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The modern methods of tummy tucks (Abdominoplasty) do not produce the outcomes required to reduce the protrusion of the abdomen and give optimal consequences for patients who ask for a flatter and firmer tummy.

In came a new method referred to as the hourglass tuck. Today after 16 years of introducing the procedure by Dr.Gray, it is all about the “hourglass tuck” surgery, and many people have endorsed the method pioneered by Dr. Gray. Countless patients are satisfied with the outcomes of the hourglass tuck as oppose to any other tummy tuck procedures out there for people who want to shed off the extra far from the tummy.

The Hour Glass Tuck is a new procedure addressing the concerns of people who want to go for the tummy tucks. The results have been exemplary where people left the medical facilities with tighter skin and flat abdomen. Using the procedure, people can now go to get the desired waistline and see the visible difference before and after the process. Dr. Gray has been the pioneer and expert at this process, and the patient can visit the doctor to get the consultancy and how flat they want their waistline to be and leave the rest to the doctor.

Why is it all About the “Hourglass Tuck” Surgery?

The procedure helps three types of people who look out for tummy tucks options. First, are the people who are looking for a method to tighten and remove their loose skins, and these people are generally looking for the traditional tummy tuck. The second group is those individuals who may not have extra skin, but they are looking for safe options to get a flat tummy. The Hour Glass Tuck is the procedure to go for as this method deliver the desired results. Third, are the people who want to get a flatter abdomen and also want to have tight skin. Hourglass Tuck surgery is the best available option for all three groups of people. This plastic and cosmetic surgery are equally popular in both men and women. After having surgery, the long-term benefit depends significantly on the patient’s capability to follow stricter nutrition. Those that overindulge after the process will eventually see their stomachs expand, which will negate the surgery and lead to other complexities.

The Procedure

During the process, Dr. Gray performs surgery through the epidermis and fat down further to the muscle. He separates the extra skin with the adherent fat underneath. Stitches are then placed on the tissue like a girdle to even the muscles of the abdominal surface. While Liposuction is not an ideal process to implement during a tummy folding on the abdomen, it can be done in other regions at the same time or on the stomach as well throughout a mini-tummy tuck if sought. After a curative tummy tuck, Liposuction, if craved on the abdomen, can be done three months later. Dr.Gray is available to all patients who are seeking information on the procedure.

The people who wish to go for the operation can book an appointment with Dr. Gray who will take his time to assess the requirement of the client as well look at the complete medical record of the patient to make sure the customer is eligible for the procedure. With the popularity of the method, more people are turning in for the option, so it is better to book an appointment with the doctor in advance to avoid the long waiting list of people all in line to get medical evaluation and going in for the hourglass tuck surgery option for a flatter tummy.

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