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HGH: The Miracle Drug

The Human Growth Hormone, or easily called as HGH, is known as the “miracle drug” due to a number of reasons. It helps in building more muscle mass while shredding excess fat in the body. It can also boost your endurance levels to new heights while resuscitating exhausted libido. Some reports even indicate that HGH can help boost confidence, treat depression, and eliminate anxiety.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts turn to HGH for its various beneficial properties. But the question on your mind right now is, what is HGH?

What is HGH?

HGH is one of the 50+ hormones found inside our bodies produced over the course of our lifetime. It is one of the prevalent compounds resting inside our system that’s responsible for our growth, sexual function, and metabolic rate. It also influences every part of our bodies, including the tiniest cell to the largest organ (which is our skin).

This miracle drug plays a vital role in bone and muscle growth, as well as cellular repair. HGH also promotes better protein synthesis in our bodies, and it assists in breaking down excess fat.

The Body’s Natural Process of Creating HGH

The anterior pituitary gland is the reason behind the natural creation of HGH in our bodies, and it’s seen to be most active during adolescence or in the puberty stages. It is then regulated throughout the day with the aid of the hypothalamus. Once puberty or adolescence ends, the process of creating HGH naturally dramatically decreases. Therefore, those who want further growth seek the assistance of supplements to boost the amount of the hormone inside their bodies.

HGH as a Drug and its Legal Issues 

When it comes to the subject of the legality of the drug, it does lie within a fine line. HGH is legal, but you need to have the right documents for it, like a doctor’s prescription, to use it or even carry it around. If you don’t, then you’re in for some pretty deep legal trouble

In some countries, like Australia, there are different pharmacies and health shops that sell the HGH drug. However, if you plan on importing it and without legal documents, then HGH will be seized by Australian customs.

Benefits of HGH

The purpose of your interest in HGH might be due to the advantages you’ve heard from a known user of the drug. People who use HGH tend to heal faster, have higher levels of endurance and strength, and they sleep better at night. Some individuals might even claim that it can improve the overall quality of life. After all, if you can have a good night’s sleep every time and you can flaunt your dream physique around town, then you can gain a massive boost of confidence while ridding yourself of depression.

Side Effects of HGH

Let’s get one thing straight – hormones, no matter what type, are a very serious topic. Overdose and abuse can only lead to serious health issues. Therefore, to avoid the side effects of an overdose of HGH, stick to the prescription provided to you by a professional medical practitioner. Negative side effects include the enlargement of the kidneys and the heart, diabetes, and hypoglycemia.

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