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GH or somatotropin

Growth hormone is produced in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The substance, also known as GH or somatotropin, stimulates length growth – overproduction in children leads to large stature, deficiency to short stature.

It has an anabolic effect on adults, which means that it releases sugar and stimulates muscle growth, which is why it is very popular with strength athletes. In addition, hardly any other substance in the body burns fat that much.

This can even be observed locally, which is why bodybuilders “squeeze out” problem areas with a syringe of growth hormone so that the muscles are better visible. The effect is also popular among actors and as an anti-aging method. Freiburg sports doctor Joseph Keul, who was repeatedly confronted with doping allegations, claimed that growth hormone would accelerate the healing of injured tendons and ligaments.

The typical side effect of therapy with growth hormone in adults can be seen in the “Beißer”, James Bond’s monstrous opponent: Richard Kiel, the actor’s name, suffers from acromegaly, with a tumor producing growth hormone. As a result, feet and hands grow, but the head circumference also increases. Nose, chin and the bulges of the eyebrows swell, the ears get bigger – Marco Pantani was teased because of his big ears and called Elefantino.

Typical for doping with growth hormone is a newly created gap between the upper incisors, which athletes often try to conceal with braces. The athlete Carl Lewis suddenly wore one in his early 30s.

Possible side effects of doping with growth hormones are diabetes, joint pain, cardiac arrhythmia and an increased risk of cancer since, in addition to muscles, the internal organs also grow. In bodybuilder deaths, occasionally ten times the amount of growth hormone that patients receive therapeutically was detectable.


Doping with growth comprar Turinabol hormone can be detected in the blood. Researchers at LMU Munich developed this test. To do this, they took advantage of the difference between the body’s own and supplied GH.

The natural growth hormone is composed of different sized forms, the genetically engineered doping agent only one form.

The proportion of the different forms can be determined in the blood; if the unit variant predominates, doping is obvious. In the past, growth hormone was obtained from corpses for doping purposes, the main source being pathological institutes in the former Soviet Union. That was tricky because the risk of getting AIDS, hepatitis or Creutzfeldt-Jakob is high. Natural growth hormone cannot be detected.


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