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Gastric sleeve surgery helps you in losing weight

With rapid increase in the problem of overweight and obesity many new health problems are also arising which might affect your health. Although, there are many medicines available in market to overcome this health problem but no good result has been noticed. So, to overcome all this issue new surgery has been launched known as Stomach sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This surgery proves to be helpful for losing the weight. Under this surgery a vertical sleeve is created in form of stomach by using a stapling device and all this is performed with the help of keyhole surgery.

Under stomach sleeve surgery a small portion of stomach is removed which makes your body look fit and perfect. Removing the small portion of stomach helps in changing the body response towards food and other food preferences. Instead of being small in size the stomach performs all its functions like digesting and breaking down the food. The food passes in the same manner as it passes before the surgery and provides all nutrients and proteins to all body parts.Image result for Gastric sleeve surgery helps you in losing weight

Advantages of sleeve stomach surgery

There are various advantages of stomach sleeve surgery such as it reduces your weight and make you free from all type of health problems. Following are some advantages of stomach sleeve surgery:

Allow you to eat less: The main advantage of stomach sleeve surgery is that it controls your diet by allowing you to eat less. This surgery helps you in controlling your hunger. This sleeve surgery make you feel that your stomach is full and is satisfied with amount of portion that you ate. It allows helps you in selecting the food which is healthy for you and which is unhealthy.

Changes in metabolism: Stomach sleeve surgery also changes your metabolism and blood levels by making you select the healthy food. This also brings changes in blood sugar level and metabolism. It also affects the biochemical pathways by regulating proper metabolism and diet.

Life becomes good: Stomach sleeve surgery makes your life better by removing all the unnecessary weight from your body. It also enhances your body structure and shapes which results in gook looking personality. It also increases self respect, mobility and social interactions.

Improves health problem: Stomach sleeve surgery also helps you in improving your health problems which results in weight gain. It improves many obesity related problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

Short hospital stays: Stomach sleeve surgeries results in short hospital stays. Patients of the stomach sleeve surgeries spend less time in hospital in comparison to the patients of bypass surgeries. As in stomach sleeve surgery no implant process is undertaken unless other bypasses surgeries.

No ongoing adjustment is required: In stomach sleeve surgeries no ongoing adjustments are required like other surgeries such as gastric band. But, on the other hand regular and proper follow up is necessary so that it can be checked that whether you are taking the right diet or not or is your weight is appropriate or not.

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