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Firework Injuries – Causes, Safety Tips & Legal Options

Dazzling firework displays offer a spectacular delight every Fourth of July. Unfortunately, what bedazzles thousands of viewers may cause injuries, mild or severe. Such things happen if a person is not careful enough while igniting the fireworks or the manufacturer fails to take proper care while creating the products.

Luckily, firework disasters on a larger scale are rare but it is common to pick up a firework injury. According to a recent report, 125 firework injury cases happen every year and four deaths on average occur each year. The blog makes you familiar with dangers of fireworks, safety tips and liability in firework-related injury cases.


Most firework injuries are closely associated with the users’ misuse. The most common mistakes include improper lighting of fireworks, igniting the fireworks closer to themselves or other persons or lighting the firework in one hand. Even if handled properly, fireworks are hazardous due to explosive components that have the potential to cause severe injuries.

However, design or manufacturing defects of fireworks may also be responsible for injuries. These may also happen due to lack of warnings.

Irrespective of the causes, firework injuries can be disastrous. The injuries may cause loss of eyesight if the flying debris or sparks hit the eyes of the consumers and spectators. In addition, severe lacerations may result from damaged firework shell cases and debris. Burns are very common firework injuries and may be minor singes, third-degree variations and anything in between.

Safety Tips

Followings are some effective safety tips to dodge the firework injuries and mishaps:

  • Strictly follow the instructions on the package.
  • Always ignite the firework outdoors. Never set them off near the dry leaves, tall grasses and other fireworks.
  • Never try to re-ignite a malfunctioning or used firework.
  • Always keep a bucket of water close at hand for emergency needs. Used or misfired fireworks may cause accidental burns and therefore must be soaked into water to prevent mishaps.
  • Never allow your children to use fireworks if adults are not nearby. Even the harmless fireworks have potentials to cause severe burns if not handled properly.

Know Your Legal Rights after Firework Injury

The legal theories applicable to a particular case depend on the cause and circumstance of the injury. if the firework ignition causes injury to any spectator, the person is entitled to file a lawsuit against the user or the manufacturing company. Even the person or the organizer hosting the event may be held liable for failing to supervise such an activity.

If injuries result from a malfunctioning firework, the victims can recover damages from the manufacturing company, the local retail seller or the importer (in case, the products are foreign-made). As each of these entities is obliged to sell properly functioning products, they can be held liable in the event of injuries caused by defective fireworks.

If you have sustained a firework injury, go for proper medical treatment as early as possible. At the same time, it is also important to consult Walker Morgan LLC to know your legal options. A product liability lawyer is able to assess your claim and assist you to figure out the course of action.

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