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Finding The Fault: 3 Unusual Reasons For Bike Accidents


In a fast paced world that we are living in, it is only appropriate that people provide themselves with a swift and easy way to get around. Motorbikes are the “Fast and Easy way.” With their light frames and small size, motorcycles can easily weave in and out of traffic.

People also are delighted by the fact that bikes are fast. The rush, to most people, becomes addictive and often becomes the reason why they choose bikes over cars. Other reasons for getting a motorcycle are worth noting like: Motorcycles are much more affordable than cars. Bikes are also easy to maintain. Fuel efficiency is also another edge a motorcycle has over a car.

Due to these factors, motorcycles often outnumber cars in some states. The only drawback is that bikes tend to be more involved in accidents rather than cars. A bike’s light build and small size can make it susceptible to crashes involving larger vehicles like cars and trucks. Here is a look at the unusual reasons why bike accidents happen.

Speed kills


Drivers often speed too much. Some riders violate state speed limits which cause them distractions by things that may randomly appear on the road. Crossing pedestrians often end up being motorcycle accident victims because of speeding riders.

Blind corners

The concept of “Slow in, Fast out” is always important in entering corners and turns. Always slow down when entering because pedestrians might not see oncoming vehicles and cross haphazardly. Obstacles such as bumps, gravel, or any other thing lying on the road can cause a bike to run out of control.

Car doors


Never ride into a lane in between busy traffic and parked cars. Chances are, the passenger and driver of that car might not see speeding bikes and carelessly open their doors.


Bikes are good tools to get around from place to place. Due to its speed, size, and its advantages in mobility, most people prefer to get motorcycles rather than cars. Ironically, its benefits are also responsible for causing a lot of accidents. Riders should remain vigilant and be disciplined drivers when handling such awesome machines.


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