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How an Eyelash Extension Procedure Is Done


Many believe that your lashes will last one week or four weeks depending on how good your artist is. This is simply not true. There are many factors that work together for the time your lash extensions will last. Generally, there is a ratio that one can go by. The lifecycle of your new lashes dependent about 30% on artist’s abilities, 30% comes from the glue and lash quality. The last 40% rest on how you take care of your lashes. For the best lash extensions that has to offer, the first talk to them. 

Majority of women 

For most women, mascara is one of the key items in their bag of makeup. About 65% of women whisk it on their lashes hoping to make them look fuller and longer. But do you at time wish that your lash was just fuller and longer, to begin with?

Most women do

Of course, you do, and your wish may be granted as eyelash extensions are a trend that is growing at many spas and salons. Extensions, when done correctly, look beautiful, they remove any need for mascara says the CEO and founder of NavaLash, a company based in Texas that certifies eyelash technicians. 

What are extensions

Extensions of eyelashes are lashes that are individual, made of a fiber that is synthetic like nylon, which the professional tech can glue ‘one by one’ to every one of your top lashes. It is one of the harder beauty actions for a technician to learn. 


Using tweezers that are long and pointed the technician brushes one single synthetic lash in a bit of adhesive. Using another pair of tweezers, the tech will separate the natural lashes in order to isolate only one. She then places the synthetic lash on to the natural lash, holding it in place for several seconds until the glue to bonds. Then the tech replicates this again one lash at a time, often attaching 40 to 100 lashes for each eye. The tech will use some varied lengths, doing these longer lashes to your longest natural lashes. 

The health of the eyes

Lashes are healthy for the eyes by keeping dust, dirt, and sand out of the eyes. When this happens, various eye infections can develop so eyelashes are very important to the health of the eyes. The better they are attached, the better they keep items and bacteria out of the eyes.


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