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Evaluating the health benefits of Nutrisystem Shake 360

Meal replacements are now allowed by Nutrisystem. The Shake 360 meal replacement shakes is seen as a way to gain control over calories. Health is still promoted for the minerals and vitamins that are richly packed in the shakes.

Is the Shake 360 another diet program from Nutrisystem?

Not really. Rather, the shakes are intermittently used to replace some of the meals. Why was this used by Nutrisystem?

This is actually in answer to the weight loss difficulty experienced by most women dieters. The plateau in weight loss or their lack of eating control has, time and again, made them leave diet programs. Most can follow diet regimens for weeks on time only to fail when they get tempted along the way. Binge eating is bad habits that can take some time to diminish or do away with. The Shake 360 program seems to hold the solution to food cravings.

The shakes are integrated into a typical 28-day diet program. They are supposed to serve as a replacement for some of the meals. They are meant to last for the 4 weeks you are on the diet. Special instructions and guidelines are given for the proper preparation and usage of the shakes. The shakes are in powder form but not to be consumed as a drink. Instead, the powder is mixed into food recipes you get online at Nutrisystem’s website. The nutrition supplied by the shakes means gaining health benefits while staying on the diet.

Other diet companies offer meal replacement programs similar to the Shake 360. However, it is only with Shake 360 that you get a gluten-free meal replacement. The vitamins loaded into it are added benefits to enjoy.

The price is also lower than its competitors and the free merchandise that comes with the program makes this a pretty good deal to try.

Reasons to choose Shake 360 than other similar products

A diet program that helps loses the weight while gaining health is the one to go for. Nutrisystem has proven it can make you lose weight while regulating blood glucose levels.

Some other diet programs are “fads” that loses the weight by using tremendous slashes in calories. Preservatives are also seen to be part of the ingredients with some other meal programs. Nutrisystem has never cut corners when it comes to their diet programs. What they offer instead are small portioned meals that are loaded with vitamins, lean protein, fiber, and nutrients to make them healthy dishes. The frequency of meals is also the best way to curb hunger belly growls.

The addition of Shake 360 in any Nutrisystem diet program gives the following benefits:

  • Gives you a feeling of fullness for a total of 170 calories only
  • Includes more than 15 kinds of minerals and vitamins
  • Includes 16 grams of protein that are mostly plant-based
  • Promotes tummy health with the probiotics integrated into the shake
  • Includes more than 16 kinds of antioxidants and superfoods
  • Gives 3 servings of veggies in every shake

Vegans will love the vegan-friendly shakes that contain plant-based protein. The powder is dairy and soy-free with no produce taken from animals. It does not contain any artificial ingredient whatsoever.

The Shake 360 starter kit

Choosing the Shake 360 meal replacement program gives you the following:

  • Guidelines to start you on your way
  • A recipe book for great-tasting shake dinners
  • 3 chocolate flavored Shake 360 Shakes
  • 3 Organic Chill Teas
  • 3 Vanilla Berry flavored Shake 360 shakes
  • 3 organic refresh teas
  • 3 servings of gluten-free Granola
  • Free shake recipe book
  • Free Mason Jar Shaker bottle
  • Free veggie spiralizer
  • Free Fresh Start 3-Day Body Reboot Kit

Who to ask or contact regarding the Shake 360 program?

The newness of this Nutrisystem program will have first timers question the usage, portions, and preparation methods. Nutrisystem understands this and has set up the following personnel to answer FAQ of users:

  • Official Nutrisystem website
  • Customer service care specialists
  • Sales department
  • Certified dietitians
  • Expert weight loss counselors
  • Consultants for the Shake 360 program

Talking directly with these people can be through a call placed with their customer care service. There is a toll-free number given on the kit where you can get in touch with someone Monday-Friday, 7:00 am to midnight. Emails can also be sent to

In a nutshell

Meal replacements have been created and sold by numerous diet companies. Some have succeeded but most have failed. The absence of vital food supplements is the foremost reason that makes them unsuccessful. Or the shakes are packed with artificial flavors and sweeteners that defeat the purpose of a diet supplement. Supplements are meant to give further support to the diet. It should never replace the entire diet.

The new idea of mixing the shake powder to recommended dishes is Nutrisystem’s unique creation. Customers who had difficulty losing weight were able to control their food cravings once they started to follow this innovative diet program.

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