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The causes of sexual problems are not always apparent. One of the main concerns that many men have when they experience Erectile Dysfunction is that it doesn’t come alone, a lot is behind it.

Diseases such as diabetes or hypertension can be present for long periods of time undetected, and impotence may be the first symptom to face. It is essential to rule out that these diseases are not the cause, so it is vital to seek medical help as a first step.

In cases where an undetected disease is not the cause, many men resort to prescription drugs and natural remedies to try to combat impotence. Many men find it helpful to discuss the problem with their partner about or with their doctor.


But what most men do not consider when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction is the changes in lifestyle and habits that they can carry out.

However, as many studies have revealed, improving the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction is as simple as making a series of changes in a person’s lifestyle.

Even men who are already taking impotence treatments can benefit greatly by improving their daily habits, as they may see their medication become more efficient and do not need to use it as often, or even reduce the dose.

Also, taking measures to improve your lifestyle will not only reduce the chances of suffering from impotence; It will help improve your overall health.

Here are six changes you can make in your daily life to reduce the symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Give up smoking
  • Combat stress
  • Eat Healthily
  • Exercise
  • Avoid the use of recreational drugs

Reduce alcohol consumption

Although it can help some men relax and increase their confidence, alcohol is a known enemy when we talk about Erectile Dysfunction.

Give up smoking

it is a fact that smoking is one of the leading causes in producing lung cancer and heart disease.

But also, men can affect their sexual performance. Like alcohol consumption, smoking can influence vascular function and interrupt blood flow.

Reduce stress

Especially in young men, stress and feelings of anxiety can be a determining factor in Erectile Dysfunction. And it’s not always related to the pressure to perform sexually.

Sometimes workload or other day-to-day issues can be a distraction and cause symptoms, as well as increasing the chances of a person experiencing hypertension and other health problems.

Eat Healthily

You have been able to observe how bad habits of life, such as excessive drinking or smoking, negatively influence blood pressure and heart and contribute to the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Carry a bad diet in another example of these bad habits. The more saturated fats you eat, the more congested your arteries will be and the more likely you are to experience blood flow problems. Improving your diet can help you considerably.


Leading a sedentary lifestyle can lead to Erectile Dysfunction problems. Those people who do not do any exercise are more likely to experience diseases such as hypertension or circulatory problems.

Avoid the consumption of recreational drugs

The list of medications that include Erectile Dysfunction as a side effect is huge.

When a medication is prescribed, both to treat chronic and acute diseases, the doctor will always assess the risks and benefits; and you start experiencing symptoms or notes that these get worse, you should talk to your doctor, as there may be an alternative available.

What you can do

An isolated case of an erection problem is something that most men, if not all, experience at some point in their lives. The fact that more than 23 million men in the world have declared taking some medication for erectile dysfunction like Kamara Jelly is a clear reflection of this. Kamara Jelly is a constant medication proposed to combat dysfunction and increase male libido with enhanced performance.

In many cases it is not a health problem, nor does it need medical attention. Sometimes making changes in lifestyle can allow us to have the symptoms under control.

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