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Earnestly help people with mental disorder – Viable steps to take

There are many of us who have friends who have been suffering from different kinds of mental illnesses. Fighting against mental illness has always been associated with a stigma which makes them shy about sharing things about their mental health. This stigma has to end, especially the self-stigma which keeps parents from motivating their children to seek help. If you suddenly meet someone with bipolar disorder, you will not find anything abnormal in that person as he might have just suffered from his disorder fits.

It’s all about the motivation that you need to provide your friend or family member about seeking help of websites like so that they can get help and cure themselves. If you want to know the ways in which you can help them naturally, here are few points to take into account.

  • Early intervention should be the biggest priority

Pediatricians should be trained in such a manner that they can ask about the mental health to children so that they feel comfortable enough to answer them honestly. You will be rather shocked to know that even the children of 5 years of age have suicidal thoughts within themselves. The earlier you can get your children towards seeking help of professionals, the sooner you can manage your illness and lead happier lives. It has been researched by the Yale University that early intervention will guarantee better outcomes.

  • Train more and more psychiatrists and boost people’s access to care

We need to focus on training a workforce who is concerned with mental health which is capable and competent of delivering care based on evidence to people who require help. The dearth of psychiatrists is a growing concern and hence this needs to be addressed soon.

  • Stop addressing this as ‘mental illness’ and address it as just ‘illness’

Experts always suggest people to stop lose talking about mental health but this is just another kind of physical illness. Mental health is something that is vital for everyone and the people who have chronic health conditions are more prone to developing depression. If we continue to separate mental illness from physical illness, the stigma will never let go of.

  • Listen to them and offer them actual support

There is not too much support for families that are affected by mental illness. All those who have never experienced this will think that there is definitely a place where everything can be cured and that is your own family. You should continue providing support to the people who need your love.

Therefore, if you’re someone who knows a friend or family member suffering from such illness, you should take into account the above mentioned tips and advice.

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