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Does an E-Cigarette Help in Quitting the Addiction?

E-cigarettes are beautiful things that you can hold between your fingers and smoke. You have to keep in mind the duration of the battery that makes it work and the amount of juice that you need to pour to give the right kick to your senses. When you do everything correctly, you just have to relax with the e-cigarette in your hand and get the most out of your time. Even if you have no one beside you, you can spend an excellent time with yourself and your favorite e-cigarette.

But does this mean that you can never get rid of smoking addiction?

When you read the vaping guide, a lot of times it talks about how helpful e-cigarettes are to encourage people to quit smoking. You can talk to several smokers and they would tell you about their journey from being on ordinary cigarettes to shifting to e-cigarettes. You can also take an interview of people who were once hardcore smokers. In fact, you can also converse with all those individuals who have been through worse because of their smoking addiction.

So does an e-cigarette really help in quitting the addiction of smoking?

All I can say is that it totally depends upon you. While some people say that e-cigarettes have really helped them in bringing down their smoking addiction, there are others who state that e-vaping has now become their addiction. It depends upon your controlling power. If you can control your urges to smoke, you can surely quit smoking whenever you want to. On the other hand, if you make e-vaping an addiction, there is no way in which you can quit smoking in your life. If you are determined towards your goal of quitting your addiction, you can surely do so.

However, there are a few things that are really good about e-cigarettes. Firstly, since they don’t produce tar and other such harmful components, your health is not affected when you smoke them. Even if you do it casually, it is not as harmful as ordinary cigarettes. Secondly, e-cigarettes don’t harm the others around you. Even if you sit in front of your non-smoker best friends and smoke e-cigarettes, they are not going to get affected by your addiction. You can randomly take puffs whenever you want to, quench your urge and get back to work without finishing one entire cigarette.

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