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Dr Eddy Dona, the Go-To Plastic Surgeon for Lip Enhancements

In the world of cosmetics plastic surgery, few do it better than the world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Eddy Dona.

Dr Dona is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is based in Sydney, Australia. Through his many years of experience and his passion for the job, Dr Dona has quickly become one of the most in-demand plastic surgeons in Australia. From his junior years he has always considered plastic surgery as both an art and a surgical procedure brought together and that has led him to always strive to achieve perfection in each and every procedure he performs.

He specializes in many procedures both surgical and non-surgical. From breast implants and reductions, to tummy tucks, to cheek enhancements and the one we are going to focus on today, lip enhancements. These are just but a few of the many procedures that Dr Dona performs.

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What is lip enhancement? Have you ever seen one of your favorite celebrities or models with a pair of luscious and ample lips with a perfect pout that were probably not visible in their previous years? Well chances are; they had a lip enhancement.

Lip enhancement is one of the procedures that Dr Dona offers that seeks to improve the appearance of your lips by making them fuller than they are and therefore enhancing their appearance.

This is done due to the fact that as we grow older, we experience a loss of lip volume so there’s a need to replace this lost volume to bring your lips back to how they were or even better. This is what Dr Dona seeks to achieve with this procedure.


This lip enhancement procedure is non-surgical.

Over the years, there have been a variety of methods that have been used for lip enhancement. However, the most recent method that Dr Dona employs is the use of fillers. These fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid which is a compound found within the body. Dr Dona uses this compound to make soft gels that are able to bind with water to hold skin up and eventually lead to softer and more natural looking full lips. The gels are important to compliment the skin contours for a more natural look.

So this filler is then injected into the dermal lines of the lip through a number of injections. The effect is almost instant in that the lips immediately become fuller.

With the patient’s consent, Dr Dona records videos of his procedure to further the education of both you and other women who are thinking about getting this procedure. So you can go back and watch the procedure once it’s done.

Recovery time

Dr Dona’s lip enhancement procedure has very minimal recovery time. You will be able to return to your activities immediately after this procedure although there will be a bit of swelling for about a week. It is after this time that you can view the final results of the procedure.

Side effects

There aren’t any major side effects that result from Dr Dona’s procedures. You might however experience a bit of swelling, or a little itching that should resolve in a few days.


Dr Eddy Dona being one of the best in the field, of course does not come very cheap. For this lip enhancement procedure, it will cost you $490. However, you can be guaranteed of excellent results that will able to last for 6 whole months. So you are definitely getting value and quality for your money.


If you are thinking about getting a lip enhancement, then Dr Dona is your go-to guy. With his commitment to his work and his modern methods, you can always be guaranteed of getting top notch results from your lip enhancement procedure that will leave many in envy.
With Dr Dona, one thing is clear, he never disappoints.

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