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Do Stretch Mark and Wrinkle Creams Work?

Creams that Help with Unsightly Stretch Marks

Are you a victim of stretch marks? You probably heard of these for some time before they happened to you, but nothing can really prepare you for the way they look on your own body. Have you attempted to get rid of the marks, with very little success? Are things at the point where you actually feel that an invasive surgery is the answer? Or, have you just resigned yourself to living with your stretch marks for the rest of your life?

There is actually another option. Many times, like when you are expecting a baby, you can’t prevent stretch marks from occurring. However, once they are there, some products can help you minimize their appearance. You never have to be ashamed to put on a bathing suit ever again! Instead, you’ll feel proud as you show off your gorgeous skin. Does this sound like something you are interested in? All you have to do is figure out which stretch cream to use.

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Why Do You Have Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when a layer of skin, known as the dermis, is torn or stretched extensively. There are a number of reasons why this might happen to you, and both women and men can experience stretch marks.

In women, one of the most common reasons for stretch marks is pregnancy. The growth of your little one causes the skin around your stomach to stretch quite a bit. Weight gain is obviously a contributing factor, but hormones also play a role in the development of stretch marks.

Weight gain is not always due to pregnancy, and both women and men can get stretch marks as a result of adding a bit of weight to their frame. This is particularly true if the weight gain happens fairly quickly. Stretch marks have also been seen in children during growth spurts. The reverse is also true; you can get stretch marks from losing a lot of weight, like in the case of someone who has gone through weight loss surgery.

Medication can also be a cause. In particular, using oral steroids over a long period of time can cause stretch marks. Corticosteroid lotions and pills are another thing to look out for.

Finally, stretch marks can come about as a result of various health conditions, like Cushing’s syndrome. This is often very frustrating to the person suffering from them because the situation is out of their control.

How Can a Cream Help?

Well, if you are expecting a miracle, you will be disappointed. There is no way to make stretch marks disappear instantly. However, there are several stretch mark creams on the market that can make a huge difference in the appearance of your scars.

Help with Cell Turnover and Minimize Discoloration

Several things can help with your skin’s cell turnover. Both vitamins A and C are beneficial, as are retinoids, which you can get from your dermatologist. When old skin cells rise to the surface, they eventually give way to healthier, younger skin. In addition, the retinoids and vitamins can help the body produce more collagen. Still, it is important to note that you should never use a retinoid if you are expecting a baby; it could hurt the fetus.

Make Skin Firmer

In order for skin to be able to stretch well and remain firm, both elastin and collagen, which are proteins, must be present. Obviously, elasticity is important because the skin can then stretch but not tear. It is also able to go back to “normal” later on. Still, as time goes on, most people don’t have as much elastin and collagen in their body. As a result, we get more wrinkles and stretch marks. A cream that has things like collagen, vitamin E, soy, elastin and CoQ10 is beneficial to the skin.

Help with the Skin’s Appearance

Applying a cream to your skin makes it feel better and helps it to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water can also help you reach this goal. So, how do you know which stretch mark cream to use? There are a lot of products to select from, and some of them have misleading advertisements. Therefore, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Natural Ingredients

Many people are unaware that the skin is actually an organ; in fact, it is the largest organ you have in your body! Lotions and creams that you rub into your skin actually get into your bloodstream. That means you should be cautious about what you put on your body. Look for a stretch mark cream that has natural ingredients. A few things to keep an eye out for are vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts, amino acids and proteins.

Harmful Ingredients

Obviously, there are several ingredients that you should stay away from as well. Parabens, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil are just a few. These ingredients have been linked to cancer, and some people are sensitive to them in general. In addition, if you are nursing a baby or expecting a baby, you don’t want these chemicals around your child.


If you’ve had stretch marks for a while, you know that they start out reddish in color. Eventually, they lighten up. Most experts recommend applying a cream when the stretch marks are still red and relatively new. Read the directions on the product you purchase and follow them exactly.

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